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‘Don’t Do Nothin to Yoself’: Tommie Lee Fans Urge Her to Not Alter Appearance After She Teases Getting Dental Work Done in South America

Social media users are showering former “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Tommie Lee with compliments after she considered getting a brand new set of teeth.

The 35-year-old told fans this week she’s planning to have a dental procedure done in Colombia, where she’ll have her teeth replaced with new veneers. She claimed that four of her front teeth, which are porcelain, affected the way she smiled.

“Headed to Colombia to meet the 🔌 @drmariomontoya wish me luck I’m so nervous my mama gone kill me,” she wrote via Instagram on Tuesday.

In a video, Lee explained that she used to get one “front tooth glued in” years ago after it fell out. She apparently got into a physical altercation with her friends’ boyfriend at the time, which eventually left her missing a tooth. She apparently had three more removed and replaced to match the new false tooth.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee . @tommiee_/Instagram

Despite the television personality’s desire to follow through with the foreign dental procedure, fans urged her not to do so.

” Your smile is already beautiful I hope you don’t end up with those huge teeth. Just don’t do nothin to yoself 💯”

“Why celebs feel the need to be perfect 🙄. Just keep the real ones in you’re mouth u don’t need fake teeth”

“You’re perfect plus that Colombia s–t sound kind of sketchy they might f–k up your mouth”

“Don’t get them horse teeth. Plus most people go to Colombia for surgery not teeth 👀”

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee, 35, sent fans swooning with her latest look showing off her sexy, toned physique. (Photo: @tommiee_ / Instagram)

As far as cosmetic surgery goes, Lee has denied ever doing anything to her physical appearance. In an Instagram Live video from 2017, she claimed she’d never had any cosmetic work done on herself.

“My cheeks, my face I didn’t get surgery on my face,” the mother of two said. “If you feel like your face is ugly or your body and there’s a way out there to fix yourself, do it! Live happy while you’re here on earth. … But, me, I haven’t fixed none of that.”

As for her dental procedure, Lee later claimed that she was backing out of the operation because of her fans.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee . @tommiee_/Instagram

“Man I’m going home,” she wrote on her Instagram story this Wednesday. “Y’all done scared the hell outta me y’all happy now! Ugh 🙄”

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