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‘It Hits Different’: Tamar Braxton Appears to Break Silence on Niece’s Passing After Run-In with Alleged Drug User on Flight

Tamar Braxton wound up failing to join the rescheduled girls’ trip she was set to go on with Nene Leakes and Wendy Williams after a supposed drug user rattled the singer.

Braxton took to her Instagram Story Tuesday to blast a fellow airline passenger who she said was using some kind of unspecified drugs.

“Offering drugs to people on a plane should be a crime PERIODT!!! I don’t do drugs!! And what if i had a problem??!! …well…i do!! My problem is…I have a problem with drug dealers And people who offer ANY drugs to u!!! Tht is not a joke. If i offer drugs to strangers u are a DRUG DEALER,” she said Sept. 3 before adding an hour later, “I HATE drug dealers and Drugs!!! They ruin Everything!!!!! ALWAYS.”

She went on to explain, “this asshole offered me drugs on the plane. The airline wanted to take off without sending him off of the flight…even with me on it…As much as I want to go be with Nene and Wendy…I have to go home…I’ve never wanted to kill anyone with my bare hands before…this is a major trigger for me and I’m sure for my family and any person or families who’s delt with this abuse…I’m from Baltimore.. it hits different…i don’t drugs WONT EVER do drugs but a stranger offering it to me ona plane to cope and the airline acting as if it’s ok… has sent me in a depressive state. Be back as soon as i can.. I’m not ok. Meanwhile his high as is sleeping and I’m having the worst anxiety EVER!!”

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Braxton, who never spilled exactly which airline she was flying or her departure and destination sites, also included a photo of the passenger in question and wrote, “Drug dealers look like this nowadays🤬.”

Fans will recall that Braxton and her famous sisters mourned the death of their niece, 24-year-old Lauren “LoLo” Braxton, in April. By June, Maryland’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner confirmed to People magazine that LoLo’s cause of death was attributed to a heroin overdose and fentanyl intoxication.

Although Tamar didn’t explicitly name Lauren, who is the daughter of the sole Braxton brother, Michael Braxton Jr., it’s clear her cause of death has had a serious impact on the star.

While Braxton got some heat from those online who dismissed her reaction as being “dramatic,” some defended her.

“Im not gonna judge because everyone is triggered by something. We can say it was an overreaction or we can mind our own business and live our personal lives. Whatever it is,” one Instagram user said in part.

Another said, “Well her niece died from a drug overdose in Maryland so maybe it is a trigger for her and her family, because a drug dealer possibly was dealing to her niece so maybe it is a sensitive subject in her book and her family y’all can’t tell what people need to do or what they need to be ok with.”

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