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‘Don’t Do No Dumb S—t Like That Again’: 50 Cent ‘Bullied’ Into Bringing Back Original ‘Power’ Song For Next Episode, Fans Are Overjoyed

50 Cent said the original theme song for “Power” will return for the show’s next episode this coming Sunday, Sept. 8.

Because after “Power’s” season 6 premiere, a lot of folks complained that the song “Big Rich Town,” which featured vocals by Joe, was replaced with a remixed version by Trey Songz.

As soon as the backlash began, 50 said he’d consider putting the original back, and he also noted that he asked Songz to record the track as a personal favor.

Songz also weighed in on the controversy and it seemed to frustrate him some. So much so that the R&B crooner issued a threat to those who expressed unhappiness with the remix.

“Ima slap the sh– outta one of you ni—- bout this Power sh–,” wrote the singer on Friday.

Joe addressed the chatter as well in an August 26 Twitter message and seemed pleased that people liked his version of “Big Rich Town” over Songz’s.

“@50cent I guess we made a classic lol #power #powerthemesong,” tweeted Joe.

On Saturday, 50 made the final call about “Big Rich Town” in a now-deleted Instagram message.

“My IG has been disabled because I’m tired of ya mouth,” he wrote. “I don’t like the sh– you been saying to me about the theme song. So I’m gone for the weekend. I’ll change it next week. leave me alone fool … My IG is disabled go to Trey Songz. I cant see nothing you saying to me.”

50 then doubled down on that promise in another Instagram message posted on Sunday, where the rapper also said he directed the next episode.

“This next episode of POWER is my directorial debut 603 so I’m a put the theme song back alright 🤨 we cool again or what,” wrote 50, who’s an executive producer of the show.

People were undoubtedly thrilled about the original theme song returning, and they let 50 know everything is okay now.

“Thank you don’t do no dumb shit like that again 💯”

“We cool again, everybody was just concerned. You know you can’t remix everything”

“Yes… Thank you! The people were suffering!!!”

“Y’all done bullied the bully”

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