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‘I Ain’t Feeling This’: Fans Not Happy With Changes to ‘Power’ Theme Song, 50 Cent and Trey Songz Respond

Based on their reactions, a lot of folks were thrilled that “Power” returned on Sunday for its sixth and final season.

But a lot of them were upset about the theme song being changed. In fact, the chatter was so loud that it drew responses from 50 Cent, one of the executive producers of the show, as well as Trey Songz.

The original version of the song, titled “Big Rich Town,” features the R&B singer Joe. The remix version that premiered on Sunday has Songz handling vocals.

“Bruh who TF told 50 to put Trey Songz on the new intro to Power???” someone wrote Sunday on Instagram.

“Power got Trey Songz on the intro now… I ain’t feelin this soft sh–,” another person commented.

“Joe had it being a big rich town, Trey has it now as a medium middle class district,” a third viewer wrote.

50 responded Monday on his Instagram page with a little bit of humor.

“These motherf–kers talking about Trey Songz,” he said on video. “Man, you ain’t bought a motherf–king Joe CD in years, now you wanna talk about Trey Songz? Trey did that sh-t as a favor to me, man. Y’all keep this sh– up, I’ma have to put that motherf–ker back the way it was.”

Songz responded in the comment section of Fif’s video and told the unhappy “Power” fans that he didn’t force him to use the remix. “N—as act like I said 50 let’s change the Power theme,” wrote the singer.

The “In Da Club” rapper issued another message as well and said it was his idea to update the theme song. But that still didn’t satisfy those who preferred Joe’s version.

“Go back to Joe, he has the grit in his voice Trey don’t have,” wrote one Instagram user.

Eventually, Joe himself weighed in and seemed to enjoy that people like his “Big Rich Town” better.

“@50cent I guess we made a classic lol #power#powerthemesong,” Joe tweeted on Monday.

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