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T.I. Launches ‘ExpediTIously’ Podcast to Tackle Today’s Social Issues

Whether it was the controversy surrounding Gucci’s wool balaclava sweater that many thought looked like blackface, or if it was more recently when he stuck up for Jay-Z after the Brooklyn rapper partnered with the NFL, T.I. certainly isn’t short on opinions.

And that’s exactly why he started a podcast called “expediTIously,” which the Grand Hustle leader said will tackle social issues and other topics.

The name of the podcast is based on Tip’s request for Kodak Black to apologize “expeditiously” when the Florida artist expressed interest in Lauren London, days after her boyfriend Nipsey Hussle was killed.

“I’m becoming more and more known for my opinions,” T.I. told People about the podcast. “I looked at my interactions on social media and realized that that platform wasn’t robust enough to flush out my ideas. In order to give those ideas a fair chance to breathe, I think my opinion requires a little more time and dialogue.”

Tip partnered with the company PodcastOne for the venture, which will be topic driven and have celebrities, activists, as well as influencers as guests. In a teaser clip, Ice Cube is seen stopping by, as is LL Cool J, Too Short and T.I.’s wife Tiny Harris.

The “Rubberband Man” will also include people on both sides of a particular topic, so more than one side is represented. And Tip said he has a mission with the podcast to inform, not just deliver his personal views.

“Information was meant to be shared for the greater good to push the generation and the culture forward,” he explained.

“What good does it do me to be informed if I am not willing to inform those who are uninformed? continued T.I. “We sit down and have stimulating dialogues and conversations with people who have different perspectives, that directly affect the generation and the culture.”

Tip said “expediTIously” will also be personally freeing because he feels celebrities aren’t allowed to express their views in the manner they want. Because they’re held back by either the public’s expectations of them or certain protocols they’re expected to follow.

“I think that’s the opposite of freedom,” explained the 38-year-old. “I feel like me being able to share my opinions, views and perspective, there’s a freedom that comes with that and I really do appreciate it. I’m looking forward to it.”

A new episode of “expediTIously” will be released every Thursday starting Sept. 5. on PodcastONe or Apple Podcasts. But you can subscribe right now.

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