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‘Mind Your Business’: Kenya Moore Fans Won’t Stand for Folks Criticizing Star for Smooching Baby on Lips

Kenya Moore‘s affectionate photo with her baby girl led her to run into an issue her fellow “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss dealt with earlier this year.

In a series of pics uploaded to Moore’s Instagram page last week, Moore smooched Brooklyn Doris Daly on the lips. Since the 9-month-old appeared to be upset, it seemed as if Moore was trying to soothe the little one.

kenya moore
Brooklyn Doris Daly (top) and Kenya Moore (bottom). (Photo: @thekenyamoore/Instagram)

In her caption, Moore expressed gratitude for having the baby in her life.

“@thebrooklyndaly she’s all I ever wanted and I’m all she ever wants #purelove #mitaclebaby #mommyandme #detroit #family,” Moore captioned the photoset snapped during a visit with family in Belleville, Michigan, August 20.

Several fans expressed joy over Moore’s motherhood.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this happy for someone I don’t know personally. And she’s a doll!”

“Kenya you deserved your beautiful angel as much as she deserve a beautiful and loving mother as yourself be blessed my dear.”

“I just love this sooooo much!! Believing God!💕💛😍”

However, other fans demanded the star avoid kissing Brooklyn on the mouth.

“Adults needs to stop kissing babies on their mouth. The germs from the adults mouth could make the baby really sick.”

“Ugh! I just don’t understand why people kiss their babies on the mouth. It’s actually disgusting.”

Moore did not respond to the detractors but fans stepped in to defend her.

“@meanmugsue Keyword ” their” babies. Not yours, mind your business,” someone told one of the naysayers.

“No it’s nothing wrong with her kissing her baby’s mouth people’s that’s her daughter….. it’s ok.”

“Kenya keeping loving on your beautiful baby girl. If more parents showed more affection towards their children the world would be a better and kinder place. People should spend more time tending to their own lives instead of telling others how to live theirs. 😍”

Buruss faced the same kind of criticism when she posted a photo of her kissing her 3-year-old son Ace Wells Tucker on the lips in May.

“Some people don’t think you should kiss your kids on the lips, but I made those lips! This is my baby boy. I’ll shower him with kisses! #AMothersLove #MotherAndSon,” she said on Instagram in defense of the action.

But one fan who thought otherwise said, “We think that cus as adults we put our spouse’s body parts in our mouths and wouldn’t want to give those germs to the kids.”

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