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Meagan Good Hits Back at Fan Questioning Her Wearing Bikini as Minister’s Wife

Meagan Good has made it no secret that she is a devout Christian and puts God first in her marriage to pastor Devon Franklin. But that doesn’t mean she has an issue with showing off her figure, and that proved to be a problem for some of her fans.

Good posted an outtake from her May Essence magazine shoot to Instagram Tuesday, which showed a bikini-clad Good posing on a beach and covered in sand.

Meagan Good
Meagan Good. (Photo: @WarwickSaint/@meagangood/Instagram)

“@Essence photoshoot #lostfiles 🔦 .. ..from the ingenious lens of @WarwickSaint 📸 #MG30DAYCHALLENGE 🏋🏾‍♀️🏃🏾‍♀️💪🏾 #Day20Letsgo!!” Good, who is currently on a 30-day fitness challenge to prepare for pregnancy, captioned the image.

Many fans raved about her figure.

“Lookn great Sis! You’ve inspired me to be even more health-conscious.💯🙌”


“You look wonderful and this is coming from a pastor’s wife.”

However, others felt it was inappropriate for a Christian and pastor’s wife to expose her body in that way.

“Aren’t you supposed to be a pastor’s wife? Y’all keep deceiving gullible people. ILLUMINATI PREACHER. SATAN WORSHIPPERS.”

“I thought you were a thirst trapping really hard?is your husband nvm I should of known celebrity Christians…”

“Aren’t you married to a pastor 😂 this is cute but not appropriate 🥴”

Good hit back at the last remark writing, “@rellsbeautytrend lol no I’m not married to a pastor. 🤦🏽‍♀️ i’m married to a film producer who is also a minister/motivational speaker as well. But with that being said; I don’t think pastors wives are expected to go swimming in trash bags or turtle necks 😬 lol. Godbless you sis 🙏🏾💜”

And her husband doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem, based on the emoji he left in his wife’s comments section.

meagan good

And others raced to defend Good.

“I cannot believe how judgemental these comments are, it actually makes me sick. 🤢 You look great!!😍😍😍”

“Even a ‘pastor’ wants something to look at so regardless of who she married to I’m sure he knew what was up before hand and accepted it cause she definitely bringing bread to the table to eat be gone haters 💋”

“@rellsbeautytrend girl. Who are you to tell this grown woman what’s appropriate? LOL why people can’t just mind their own business?” someone replied to one naysayer.

Good has explained how she deals with scrutiny stemming from exposing her body as an actress while being married to a preacher when she spoke to the “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” in 2013.

“At the end of the day I’m just a full believer you just got to check with God and know what your personal convictions are and know the word of God and outside of that people are going to judge you,” she said when she called in to the radio program.

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