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Porsha Williams’ Throwback Pic of Baby PJ Has Fans Making This Stunning Connection

It’s well known among fans that Porsha Williams daughter looks like her fiancé Dennis McKinley, but a new pic “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star shared of Pilar Jhena’ has fans saying she looks more like another family member altogether.

Gushing over the now-5-month-old, Williams captioned an early photo snapped of PJ, “❤️ Pilar Jhena‘ Mckinley❤️ #Obsessed #SheLooksLikeHerName.” The hashtag appears to indicate that Williams agrees with the common notion that PJ resembles her father, who is known around Atlanta as just McKinley.

porsha williams
Pilar Jhena’ (Photo: @weelovephotography by Gigi/@porsha4real/Instagram)

The August 26 image was snapped months earlier by celebrity newborn photographer Gigi of Wee Love Photography. And as usual, remarks began to pour out about Pilar looking like her dad, who owns the Atlanta eatery The Original Hot Dog Factory.

“Beautiful! But that’s Dennis’ twin”

“Her Daddy’s Twin”

“Dennis’s copy right.”

But then, other fans remarked that PJ actually looked not only like Williams but also like Williams’ mom, Diane Williams.

porsha williams
Diane (left) and Porsha Williams (right). (Photo: @porsha4real/Instagram)

“She looks just like you to me. I don’t what everyone is looking at. 😍🖤”

“@visionarylife To me too. She looks a lot like Porsha and just like Porsha’s mom,” someone agreed.

“Your daughter is beautiful, she looks like your mom.”

“@jabx4 this is what I always say!! Idk where everyone is getting Dennis lol,” another fan said in agreement.

Echoing that sentiment, another replied, “@jabx4 … I think she looks like Porsha’s mom…”

While current chatter surrounding Pilar has focused on which family member she’s most similar to in appearance, days earlier fans were discussing the baby’s smile — or lack thereof.

Williams posted a throwback photo on her Instagram page from PJ’s days as a newborn with a gummy grin plastered across her face.

Currently, Pilar is known as a super-serious baby, so fans couldn’t help but remark about how long it’s been since they’ve seen the little one crack a smile.

“The first and last time she gave a smile like this lol after that she adopted the #RESTFACE.”

“She ain’t smile since 😂😂❤️”

“The one smile I ever saw. She is going the check her parents right through life. LOL somebody has to be serious.”

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