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‘The Real Harvey Girls’: Steve Harvey’s Well-Wishes to Twin Daughters Devolves Into Fans Tearing Into His Wife and Stepdaughter

Last week, Steve Harvey gave a birthday shoutout to his oldest children, twins Karli Raymond Harvey and Brandi Harvey. And since fans have noticed the comedian’s daughters are usually missing from family gatherings, they rejoiced in his acknowledgment of them.

“Along with my mother these girls of mine were the first time I ever loved anyone more than myself …… @iambrandiharvey and @iamkarliraymond I love you with all my heart happy birthday ladies -your father,” the former “Steve” host captioned a photo set of himself and his daughters Tuesday, August 20.

The first image saw Karli and Brandi posing with each other as adult women. The second was them on either side of their famous dad back when they grew up in the 1980s.

steve harvey
(Left photo) Brandi Harvey (left) and Karli Raymond (right). (Right photo:) Steve Harvey with daughters at a young age. (Photos: @iamsteveharvey/Instagram)

Upon seeing the comic’s birthday dedication to his daughters, fans expressed pleasure in the statement and photos.

“Finally!! I was so tired of hearing all the scandle errtime Steve’s name gets mentioned its all about Marjories daughter. Whew… the twins look GREAT Mr. HARVEY. Now you can relate to the old stories about who you let in your house.”

“@barbbree i hear ya girl 🔥🔥🔥why we dont hear about the 3 oldest children,” someone agreed.

“The real harvey girls,” someone else commented.

Someone else also agreed with the initial comment writing, “yes! Tired of hearing about Lori lol her and the mom is pimping Steve 🤣🤣🤣 I think he should spend time with the twins without them.. just saying lol.”

Another fan guessed the twins and Steve’s current wife Marjorie Harvey may not get along well.

“I don’t think they get along with her bc they don’t even follow each other smh.”

Just a few days before Steve’s post, fans began wondering about the whereabouts of the twins when they glimpsed a photo op of the blended Harvey clan on a boat in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

“Where are steve twin daughters they are never on these trips.”

“Why the twins never show up?”

“Where’s the twins?

“Doesn’t Steve have other kids too? Why don’t they ever go on these ‘family’ trips?? Just asking?”

Steve didn’t acknowledge the hubbub then and didn’t on the birthday post, either. The twins didn’t comment on the chatter on their dad’s post either. They did, however, post happy birthday wishes to each other.

“God knew we would be a force in the world. I love you @iamkarliraymond,” Brandi said in part on her IG account. Her sister, Karli said on her own page of Brandi, “I am grateful for you, our friendship and unbreakable sisterhood!”

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