‘Stoooopp’: Riley Burruss’ Request for Birthday Money From Social Media Hits a Snag When Fans Bring Up ‘Rich’ Mom Kandi Burruss

Like many teens today, Riley Burruss decided to hop on the mobile money sharing application Cash App to request some funds for her 17th birthday August 22. But with the teen’s mother being singer/songwriter and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss, the request didn’t exactly go over well.

“It’s my birthday everyone! Show me some love!❤️❤️❤️” Burruss wrote on Instagram Thursday with a screenshot of her CashApp name and QR code so fans could send over some money.

She later had to edit the caption to note, “it’s my birthday y’all. my mom has money I dont🤣🤣.”

That’s because comments ensued where instead of people wishing the high school senior a happy birthday, they questioned why she needed to ask for money to begin with.

“Wait a minute lololol not the cash app sis…shidddd YOU got the money boo! 😂❤️😘🤟🏾 Happy Birthday!!!”

“Girl your drive Porsche leave me alone … lol Happy birthday 🎉🎈”

“Rich ppl asking for money from poor ppl. Sounds like the government.”

But her edited caption didn’t quiet fans as they discussed the wealth Burruss has amassed with her career with Xscape, as a solo artist and as a reality TV star.

“Girl your mother richer than all of us put together stooopp 😂”

“Ur mom co-wrote no scrubs naaaa tf 😂”

“Girl it’s ppl out here STRUGGLING in REAL life and you asking for coins from the average Joe when your mom is rolling in doe⁉️ no ma’am‼️ happy birthday. Take this moment to reflect, give thanks, and GIVE BACK. Not take! Happy birthday beautiful ☺️”

But regardless of what fans think, Riley had her mom’s approval to requests gifts through the CashApp. Burruss shared Riley’s info on her Instagram Story Thursday and said in part, “don’t say she shouldn’t ask for a Cashapp gift… She’s a teenage of course she loves Cashapp gifts on her birthday!”

kandi burruss

It was just last year that a lavish present Burruss gifted her daughter for the teen’s 16th birthday made many fans’ heads spin. The “RHOA” star surprised her oldest child with a Porsche Cayenne in the color white, just as Riley wanted.

“It’s Riley’s birthday tomorrow, so I had to surprise her today,” Burruss said in a video of the moment her daughter saw the luxury SUV. She later remarked on a special nickname Nicki Minaj gave the teen that was embroidered into the floor mats. “Aye, check it out! You know she loves Nicki Minaj so she had to get the Porsche — Rilez.”

Yet Riley has been making strides to strike out on her own. Last year, she landed an internship at a law firm and enrolled in a pre-law program at Harvard University this summer. That came after Riley scored a hosting gig ahead of Super Bowl LIII back in February.

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