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Meek Mill Roasts Kevin Hart’s Underwear Pic, But Comedian Gives an Epic Comeback

A couple of years ago, during an interview with GQ, Kevin Hart talked about how much he loved Tommy John’s underwear and how he not only invested in the company, he helped design his own collection, which already launched.

On Wednesday Hart posted a couple of photos of himself standing shirtless in the underwear and let people know that a new collection of his line is on the way. And that’s when his good friend and fellow Philadelphian Meek Mill clowned him.

“Leg day can kiss my ass….Quality & Comfort is all I care about damn it!!!!! Now go get you some @tommyjohnwear,” the comedian captioned one of the photos. “I invest in what I believe in people….I’m a owner not a ambassador. My new line will he dropping soon….stay tuned!!!!!!”

“Ya body not ready for that yet,” Mill wrote beneath one of the photos.

But Hart didn’t let the “Trauma” rapper have the last diss.

“@meekmill, you better shut yo duffel bag built body ass up, man,” he wrote back.

And based on the many comments, people were undoubtedly entertained by the two celebrities.

“Did I read duffel bag?🤣🤣🤣,” someone wrote.

“Lmao! Why did I read that in his voice. Kev stoopid,” wrote another.

Hart and Mill have taken their ribbing of each other to social media before. Like in 2015 after “The Upside” actor posted a photo of himself in a sleeveless, leather shirt.

“Let’s start a petition for kev 2 take this shirt off cmon Man U from philly @kevinhart4real,” wrote Mill.

Hart then shot back.

“His face looks like a chopped & screwed mixtape…..this mans front teeth look like a pair of white Jordan 11’s,” he wrote about the rapper.

In Hart’s underwear post, a lot of people picked up on the two friends’ playful disses and added their own for good measure.

“Meek shaped like a pt cruiser,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Looking like a small puff pastry lmao ,” another person wrote about Hart.

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