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Safaree Admits to Crossing the Line with Lyrica Anderson: ‘I Didn’t Mean for It to Happen’

“Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood” viewers were shocked to learn that Safaree and Lyrica Anderson may have been doing a little more than just texting.

During Monday’s night episode of “LHHH” things got intense for the “Hunnid” rapper after his buddy Ray J. was pressuring him about “smashing” Anderson. Safaree and the 29-year-old both admitted to texting one another for business affairs but denied allegations of it being anything more.

However, Ray ultimately squeezed the truth out of Safaree and said that Anderson already confessed to her husband A1 that she and the Jamaican native slept together.

You know you smashed,” Ray J said. “What did you do?”

Safaree’s unexpected response stunned viewers, “Like I didn’t mean for it to happen, it’s just we be talking and we were supposed to get on a song.”

The “One Wish” singer was clearly disappointed by his friend’s actions and fans trashed Safaree for going behind A1’s back to sleep with his wife.

“I really liked Safaree! Now, I lost a lot of respect for him. Like WHYYYYY you gotta do that to your boy,” one person asked in disappointment.

“Damn this is messed up,still got mouth to say A1 his boy🙄,” one fan said.

“He ain’t your boy if u smashed his come on.”

“Damn Safaree that was low. Somebody told me years ago when your friends have a man or woman you should always look at them as your brother or sister.”

One fan added, “Ur so wrong for that @iamsafaree I’m so disappointed 😞.”

The rumor about Safaree and Anderson began after K. Michelle accused the “Selfish” singer of trying to sleep with the rapper. She denied the allegations and it engulfed into multiple fights with her friends.

Safaree definitely crossed the line with Lyrica after admitting to sending her a picture of his “eggplant.”

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