‘Like Mother Like Daughter’: Stevie J. Leaves Fans In Stitches After He Teaches 2-Year-Old Daughter to Say This


Stevie J. and Joseline Hernandez‘s daughter Bonnie Bella is at an impressionable age where she apparently repeats everything her parents say to her, therefore fans were left cracking up after the father of six told the toddler to repeat his name, but with a foreign accent.

Stevie J. took to Instagram Wednesday afternoon and posted a video of himself and his youngest daughter lounging outside of his house on a trampoline. Recording with his mobile phone, the “Hitman” producer urged his 2-year-old daughter to repeat the word “Stebie” instead of his title “dad” or “daddy” as some social media users suggested.

Stevie J.
Bonnie Bella and Stevie J.. @hitmansteviej_1/Instagram

“Stebie!” baby Bonnie yelled at the camera, repeating after her father.

“Stebie” is what Hernandez often called the music producer when her Puerto Rican accent apparently hinders her from pronouncing “Stevie” correctly.

Several fans cracked up over Stevie J.’s post, while others called him “petty.”

“Like mother like daughter I’m so done 😂 I’m sure Joseline hates this video 😩 he so damn petty”

“Why he teach he to mock my girl! He sent this straight to Joseline before he posted it. He made her say ‘Steebie 😭”

“This is not funny Stevie is doing this to spite Joseline! Teach her to say daddy”

“He’s so messy! 🙈 He just miss Joseline saying his name that’s all”

Joseline Hernandez
Baby Bonnie Bella Hernandez, Joseline Hernandez and Stevie J. (Photos: @joseline, @hitman_steviej_1)

The 32-year-old mother and Stevie J. have been going back and forth in court over the custody of their daughter recently.

Hernandez initially had primary physical custody of baby Bonnie but temporarily lost it to Stevie last week after she reportedly disregarded their custody agreement. She allegedly refused him the right to see his daughter nearly two weeks ago, which served as a violation.

The mother of one is asking a judge to have Stevie J. return their 2-year-old daughter to her and have the pending California arrest warrant against her dropped, the Blast reported.

Stevie J. and the reality actress are both due back in Atlanta’s Fulton County court on August 15, when both parents will have an opportunity to resolve their custody dispute.

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