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‘I’m Here for This’: ‘Black Ink Crew’ Fans Elated to See Ceaser and Puma Rekindle Their Friendship

As “Black Ink Crew: Chicago” brings its drama-filled season to a close, the return of the original “Black Ink Crew” franchise looms.

The New York shop owner Ceaser Emanuel ended season 7 of the VH1 reality series on a high note after he managed to bury the hatchet with old friends and foes, including his employees Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi, and, surprisingly, his childhood friend Paul “Puma” Robinson.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (left) and Paul Puma Robinson. (Photo: @vh1 screen grab)

Emanuel and Robinson were thick as thieves during the first season of “Black Ink” until the “Ink 124” owner felt Emanuel’s girlfriend at the time, Dutchess Lattimore, was causing a rift between them at the shop. Tension soon grew, and Robinson decided to quit “Black Ink” and start his own tattoo shop, which led to their huge falling-out. The two even got into a physical fight during the second season after the tattoo artist threw a piece of chicken on Emanuel’s floor. Security, however, quickly intervened after the old bestie was body-slammed.

The beefing foes shocked everyone last season when they came face to face on camera after years of beefing. Emanuel and Robinson both expressed they felt betrayed by each other before eventually hugging out their differences. “Black Ink” owner said he was tired of holding grudges.

Ceaser Emanuel
Ceaser Emanuel (left) and Paul Puma Robinson. (Photos: @vh1/Instagram, @blackinkcrew/Instagram)

Fast-forward to season 8, which premieres on Wednesday, August 14, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time, and it looks Puma will be making a permanent appearance.

During a sit-down interview with VH1 this week, the twosome reflected on their current friendship after feuding for years.

“I ain’t got too many friends, especially now,” said Emanuel. “All I got is really Ted and him (Puma). I ain’t got no friends.”

“Black Ink” viewers were happy to see the former enemies repair their friendship.

“I’m here for this 🙌🏾Love y’all friendship always have🙌🏾❤️”

“I’m just happy to see them back together again.. love you guys this is the real Black Ink!”

“That’s right bring it in fellas. Good to see them on good terms 👍😊”

“Sound like beavis and butthead with those laughs 😂 I love y’all together as best friends 🙌🏾”

In more recent news, Emanuel was recently arrested for driving with a fake driver’s license. It’s not clear whether VH1 cameras were rolling at the time of the incident.
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