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‘Shoo Fly Shoo!’: Tami Roman Uses Alter Ego to Clapback at Hater Claiming She’s Stealing Daughter’s Shine

Tami Roman has made it no secret that she desires to become a rap star. And she’s not afraid to do so regardless of what naysayers think.

Roman initially introduced her rap alter ego, Tatiana Trill, to her Instagram followers in January. On “Basketball Wives” this week, the star gave fans of the show their first taste of what she hopes to offer as the rapper. Getting some tips on how to amp up her on-stage sex appeal from Malaysia Pargo, Roman disclosed that Trill is still a work in progress but that she has decided Trill will hail from the U.K.

In the meantime, Roman, or Trill, has been giving fans a glimpse of her work before her new single, “No Pressure,” drops Wednesday, Aug. 14.

During the music video shoot in July, Trill took time out to share a peek at one of the looks.

“Video shoot rocking @bijouxfurs,” she captioned the photo.

tami roman
Tatiana Trill. (Photo: @iamtatianatrill/Instagram)

But it seems a fan who saw the recent “Basketball Wives” episode took issue with Roman’s rap persona.

“You just couldn’t let your daughter do her thing on her own you just had to do it too huh girl 👎,” they commented Friday referring to Roman’s 23-year-old daughter Jazz Anderson, who is a rapper.

Not one to sit back and take a dig, Trill fired back.

“@ferrerasxitxis actually my daughter is the one who suggested it and is my writer/creative director,” she replied. “Our family supports each other and doesn’t compete. How does your mom handle you? Is she home? Or are you home alone eating TV dinners watching Basketball Wives on fire stick? GTFOH wit cho negative ass.”

tami roman

The new rap star shared the interaction on Instagram and wrote in the caption, “Shoo fly shoo! Leave people alone with negative energy and let them LIVE, especially when you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Trill’s clapback instantly earned her kudos from her followers, including Roman herself who commented, “They better leave Tati alone! She gives ZERO FUX!”

tami roman

“RIPPED HER! 😩 I love you 🤣🤣🤣🤣”

“Clearly she forgot that Tatiana is an ALTER ego. Tami is never far away to ‘get you all the way together.’ BOOM look who stepped in the ROOM!! 😂😂😂”

“Y’all gon learn to put some respeck on Tati’s name 😩😩😂”

“Periodt…. Ppl won’t let you live your best live ‘Its a buckle list’ 💆🏽 Periodt….. 😘 💖 u Tati.”

Back in April, Roman teased Tatiana’s single “No Pressure,” which fans will see the full video treatment for in the coming days.

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