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‘Close Your Legs’: Tamar Braxton Ignites Controversy Among Fans with Casual Photo

Returning to Instagram after gushing over boyfriend David Adefeso days earlier, Tamar Braxton shared a super casual photo that unexpectedly caused some controversy among fans.

The singer posed in a bandana and a gray t-shirt with polka dot printed short shorts as she snapped a mirror selfie with her phone. However, her choice to sit with her legs spread apart — one bent with her foot on the floor and the other bent with her leg against the ground — made some fans uncomfortable.

“🕸🕷🔮” Braxton simply captioned the photo.

Fans began questioning the star in response.

“Classless , close your legs.”

“@dominican_native i love tar, but you right, this is not a good picture,” someone replied.

“But why? Why are you taking yourself on such distasteful levels Tamar? You have more class than this picture represents.”

“No,this picture is so wrong! 🚫”

The negative reaction also spurred some to comment in Braxton’s defense.

“Why is people reading so much into her photo?. It’s really not that serious. Live, love, and be Happy.”

“I don’t see what ya’ll crying about. The pic is dark enough not to see anything. Unless ya’ll zooming and turning the phone. Ya’ll see naked asses on here daily. Chill TF out.”


“@carhan313 she is in the comfort of HER own home in pajamas posting on HER page . 🙄,” a commenter replied to a naysayer.

The backlash against Braxton is the second round the performer has encountered since her previous post in which she shared a meme complaining about big-mouthed friends spreading her personal business to others.

“YOUR friend who is not MY friend should never know my personal business,” read the meme Braxton uploaded to her Instagram page Tuesday.

She added in the caption, “But… they yap 🗣cause they life would be NOTHING without what’s going on in yours🔮.”

While there were some fans who took her side, others demanded she takes ownership of her role in word getting around about her dealings, too.

“People wouldn’t know your business if you didn’t tell your business💯”

“Girrrl bye the way yo mouth set up.”

“How about no one should know your personal business! 🤷🏽‍♀️”

“We also gotta stop telling the wrong people our business. Like in the old days when grandma would say to keep your business to yourself. #noshade #justgrandmaslessons.”


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