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‘Just Don’t Tell Nobody’: Fans Provide a Simple Solution to Tamar Braxton Not Wanting Her Business to be Told

A message Tamar Braxton shared to Instagram has fans hitting back with some advice of their own.

The singer posted a meme to her social media account Tuesday that read, “YOUR friend who is not MY friend should never know my personal business.”

tamar braxton

Compounding that statement, Braxton added in the caption, “But… they yap 🗣cause they life would be NOTHING without what’s going on in yours🔮.”

It’s not clear who, if anyone, the star is throwing shade at with the message, but fans initially began responding by backing up her sentiment.

“Say it again for the ppl in the back …”

“Exactly!!!!!!!! That why I can’t fuk with ‘friends’ who are friends with my enemies. Call it petty or whatever. I’ll never try to control someone’s circle BUT I will remove myself from your circle.”

“You ain’t never lied!! Smh Some people just can’t keep your name out of there mouth!!! 🤷🏽‍♀️”

However, others began piping up to advise Braxton to keep her business to herself if she doesn’t want it getting around.

“Just don’t tell nobody.”

“We also gotta stop telling the wrong people our business. Like in the old days when grandma would say to keep your business to yourself. #noshade #justgrandmaslessons.”

“People wouldn’t know your business if you didn’t tell your business💯”

Lately, it seems Braxton hasn’t exactly been heeding the warning that she ought to keep her personal life private.

At the end of last month, the star openly shared glimpses of her trip to Nigeria with boyfriend David Adefeso.

“My @david.adefeso is a dream come true and coming home was the BEST thing I’ve done in a long time🇳🇬 Im so honored to be apart of this spectacular family 🥰🎯💕,” she wrote in an Instagram post showing the duo sporting traditional Nigerian wear at a party. Among the other events Braxton shared online was the couple’s meeting with Lagos, Nigerian monarch Oba Elegushi in his family’s palace to receive royal blessings.

“A Royal visit and royal blessings for one of our own, @david.adefeso who visited with his partner @tamarbraxton. It was a pleasure receiving them. #proudlyNigerian,” Elegushi captioned a set of photos from Braxton’s and Adefeso’s visit that was uploaded to his official Instagram page.

And it wasn’t just Braxton who touched down in Nigeria’s largest city to meet Adefeso’s family. Braxton was accompanied by her son, Logan, sister Towanda and mom Evelyn.

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