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‘U Gone Get Tired of Being Broke’: Apollo Nida Claps Back at Fan Criticizing His New Career After Prison Stint

Since Apollo Nida walked out of a New Jersey prison for the second time in about three months, he’s got a new gig helping him make some changes. Still, some folks have remained critical about the fact that he spent time behind bars to begin with.

The one-time Bravolebrity made his first new Instagram post in about a year, the last one of which was likely uploaded by someone handling Nida’s account during his time away.

“It looks like ya boi AP back in business… I know you see the FADE GAME STILL CRAZY @rockysbarbershop @hardheadzmc @100.piercent #naturalblend#cuttingedge was the start,” Nida captioned the photo set of a haircut he uploaded to his account Monday.

But it only took one comment, which also took aim at Nida’s fiancée Sherien Almufti, to set off a chain reaction of negativity.

“Now u cutting hair to get back lol poor thing don’t u wish u came home to a women worth something don’t mess up her lil tax job lol u know U gone get tired of being broke soon start the fraud stuff,” the first commenter wrote.

Nida hit back by dissing the user, calling her a “pussy b—h” and a “sucker !!!!”

apollo  nida

The name-calling from Phaedra Parks‘ ex-husband failed to quell the Instagram user, however. Instead of backing down, she replied, “@apollonida03 lol u sound hella mad make sure u don’t go back to prison being this angry and aggressive in fact I hope ur fiancé don’t act out and get smack silly cause u have issues.”

And she wasn’t alone. Another commenter told Nida to “Try to stay outta prison.”

Nida responded by telling her to “try to keep your mouth and lips off da D.”

The last remark refers to the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star getting sent back to a federal penitentiary in June after just nine days of living in a half-way house. Reports claimed Nida had violated the rules of the Philadelphia half-way house he resided in because of the “intimate relations” he supposedly had.

However, Almufti claimed it was a jealous parol officer who supposedly had it out for Nida and that led him to head back behind bars.

“They can’t stop us babe!!! For those who are confused @apollonida03 didn’t violate a goddamn thing. Another crime against a black man in the system. Jealously is a disease and his PO will die mad!! 🤷🏼‍♀️,” said on Instagram at the time.

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