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‘Well, Dang!’: Gabrielle Union’s Booty-Baring Pic Has Fans Tantalized

Motherhood hasn’t meant that Gabrielle Union has slowed down on keeping herself in shape. And it definitely shows in a sexy new pic.

The actress and judge on “America’s Got Talent” uploaded a swimsuit photo to her Instagram page Tuesday.

“Sun’s out… #Agt’s out 🤷🏾‍♀️ See you tonight,” she wrote in the August 6 caption that doubled as a shout-out to the NBC variety talent show. She didn’t even have to mention what else was out for show in the pic.

The image, in which Union wore a body-bearing two-piece that greatly exposed her rear end, was enough to make fans virtually salivate.

“Well dang ! #BrownSkinGirl @brown_skin_girls 🔥🔥🔥”

“Wait one damn minute I can’t be having that thang sitting on my timeline like that 🙌🏾. Let me go work the hell out I’ll be right back.”

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph! 😧”

“Look at my fav actress ❤️ looking all buttered up 😩😂😍”

“The sun is mad jealous. 🙌🏾🔥”

“If I had a booty like this I would never wear pants. #comethroughbooty.”

Union, who became a mom to daughter Kaavia James via surrogate with her former NBA player hubby Dwyane Wade in November 2018, has long been big on staying in shape.

Speaking to Women’s Health in 2017, Union explained her family health history has impacted why she’s so big on exercise.

“I have a family history of diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol, and I know that can lead to an early death,” Union said. “I want to be a vital and energetic part of my family for a long time, not to be big mama in a rocking chair in the TV room, or huffing and puffing just going up stairs. I work out not because I get off on it, but because I want to live!”

At the same time, however, Union acknowledges that she doesn’t want to deny herself of life’s indulgences. Speaking to Health magazine about her grandmother’s lifespan that same year she said, “You know, my grandma lived to be 110, and she drank alcohol, like, every day. I don’t drink every day. But if somebody’s like, ‘Shots!’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ If someone says, ‘Bacon!’ I’m like, ‘Yes!’ She lived. I definitely live.”

As for how she got that booty of hers to pop, the “L.A.’s Finest” star also told the publication she was on a kick to build it herself.

“Squats. Right now I’m on build-a-booty,” she said. “So we did a specified workout to build up your butt, and you have to eat a specific way. You have to eat more protein to build muscle.”

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