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‘You Win’: SZA’s Fantastic ’Fro Sends Fans Into a Major Frenzy

SZA isn’t just known for her sultry vocals, as she’s also got a thick head of hair that fans adore.

The singer put her afro — which currently has a reddish hue to it — firmly on display on Instagram early Tuesday and as soon as fans saw it, they instantly ate it up. The St. Louis native didn’t even need to add a caption to set them off, either.

Singer SZA showed off her natural hair in a mirror selfie Tuesday. (Photo: @sza/Instagram)


“Internet broken”


“i just want you to step on my neck.”


“You betta!!! ❣️❣️”

SZA’s hair is being celebrated now, but that doesn’t mean Top Dawg Entertainment’s sole female signee has never encountered haters.

The “Broken Clocks” singer was forced to confront naysayers on Tumblr back in July 2014 when they accused her of not actually having thick, long hair just because she rocks weaves and wigs from time to time.

“I’ve said so many times in interviews and right here on Tumblr that I wear clip ins and the occasional weave to protect my hair from photo shoots and heat styling ect. It’s fun and it makes my hair grow like wildfire and actually I suggested that others do the same!” she said.

“This takes nothing away from me or my beauty because it’s just a part of my real life and I will never apologize for that …. I’m a black woman that proudly grows hair it’s just my personal genetics and I like to protect it,” “The Weekend” singer added.

And it’s important that her tresses are protected, especially since SZA dealt with the difficulty of losing it once she became ill in high school. The star’s locks began to fall out of her head because of the medication she was on at the time.

“It’s such a big part of my personality so it was really tough,” SZA told Vogue in March 2014. “I hid behind my hair before, but I had nothing to hide behind in that moment. I think the very idea of femininity fell apart for me, but in a good way, because after that, the superficial things didn’t matter so much. None of it mattered.”

Today, SZA still rocks the natural hair she’s been embracing for the last 11 or so years, but she’ll still don a wig or two in between letting her natural curls flow. And when she does, fans are eager to grovel at her feet — and plead for new music too. The star has not released any solo albums since 2017’s “Ctrl.”

“Sza, we know you gorgeous and all, but sis, I need an album from you. I been patient, need the vibes. Thanks 😘”

“Drop the album sis.”

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