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New Photos Tease Kanye West’s Long-Planned Dome-Shaped Housing Development for Low-Income People

Whether he’s creating a new track or designing his latest Yeezy shoe, Kanye West always seems to be in creative mode, and now he’s building homes.

Photos have recently surfaced that show circular structures sitting on 300 acres of property that West purchased years ago in Calabasas, California.

The structures, which reportedly stand 50 feet tall, are prototypes for an entire community the rapper wants to create, which he says will be for low-income individuals. He also said the homes will help erase the class line between rich, poor and middle class.

According to Forbes, the houses were inspired by the character Luke Skywalker’s childhood home in the film “A New Hope, and the walls have West’s instructions on them for architects to follow.

TMZ reports that construction crews have been going back and forth on the Calabasas property for weeks, and there have been trucks as well as cranes seen on the 300 acres.

West said the structures could possibly be lowered into the ground for people to live in, and light will come from a giant opening on the roof. But an insider said the entire project is still in its early stages.

It’ has also been reported that West has done plenty of research for the monumental project and studied homes “from every period of man’s existence on earth.” He’s met with investors as well to get financial backing for the community.

Probably the first time most heard of West’s plans to build a housing community was in 2018 when he spoke with Charlamagne Tha God in an interview.

“I’m going to build five properties. So it’s my first community. I’m getting into development,” he told “The Breakfast Club” host. “Anybody that’s ever been to any of my cribs knows I’m super into developing homes. It’s just the next frontier for me, to develop.”

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