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‘How Many Times You Gon’ Let Her Dog You Out?’: Fans Not Exactly Rejoicing Over Cynthia Bailey’s Embrace of Nene Leakes’ Kindness

After Nene Leakes set the record straight about how she actually felt about Cynthia Bailey getting engaged, the model herself stepped in to express her appreciation for Leakes’ gift. But fans don’t think the star should be so quick to forgive.

Leakes was the subject of a report from Radar Online this week that claimed she was irate that pal Marlo Hampton attended the grand opening of The Bailey Wine Cellar last weekend. It was there that Bailey’s sportscaster boyfriend Mike Hill popped the question.

nene leakes
Cynthia Bailey (left) and Nene Leakes attend ATL Live On The Park Season IX at Park Tavern on July 10, 2018 ,in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams/WireImage)

“WHY would i explode? WHY? Chile I don’t want high blood pressure 🤣,” Leakes said in part on Instagram July 30. “i sent @cynthiabailey10 the nite of her engagement a beautiful gift and card. I couldn’t be happier for her finding love again.”

A commenter chimed in to state Leakes “doesn’t even like Cynthia,” which prompted Leakes to respond, “Your right I love Cynthia like a sister!”

Bailey also commented and wrote, “Thank you for the beautiful gift. Especially the card. Both were a lovely surprise. It meant a lot.”

But fans who peeped Bailey’s remark were hesitant to celebrate, believing the star was too eager to welcome Leakes back into her life after the O.G. housewife deemed her “very sneaky and underhanded.”

“Cynthia is crazy if she goes back to being friends with this woman. How many times you gonna let her dog you out?”

“The biggest flip flopper on the show.”

“After someone DOGGS me the way Nene did, especially in the press for everyone to see, then we are not friends nor cordial….I’m GOOD.”

“Cynthia needs to go on with her life and keep distance from NeNe. One thing I’ve learned about friendships… Either you are genuinely friends or youre not. Yes… friends have a difference in ones opinion but true friends don’t hit below the belt, go for your jugular, say mean disrespectful things, talk behind your back to others. NeNe has done them all to Cynthia. … Everybody aren’t meant to be friends. Period!!

“The door is revolving at this point.”

While Bailey may be inching her way back toward having a friendship with Leakes now, back in April, Bailey had opposite feelings.

“Sometimes friendships need a break,” Bailey said on “Strahan and Sara.” “And I feel like looking back on everything and knowing the kind of person that I am and the friend that I’ve been to her, this friendship just isn’t healthy for me at this point.”

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