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50 Cent Has Hilarious Reaction to Tyler Perry’s Fancy, Electronic Invitation: ‘Cancel My Schedule’

On the weekend of Oct. 5, Tyler Perry will be celebrating the “grand opening” of his Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, and he invited 50 Cent.

But Perry just didn’t send any old invite, he sent 50 an electronic invitation that showed his image.

“Mr. 50 Cent, Tyler Perry here,” he said on screen, which 50 posted on Tuesday. “Sending you this personal invitation to ‘Imagine This.’ It’s the celebration of the grand opening of the brand new Tyler Perry Studios.”

Fif was clearly blown away.

“Damn, I want my invitations like this,” the rapper stated, as he opened a burgundy case that also held a printed gold invitation.

The G-Unit leader then addressed some of the people who were standing in his office and told them they all need to step it up as far as bringing in more business opportunities. 50 said he’d definitely be going to the event as well.

“What the f–k,” he yelled. “We need to make more money. Get the f–k out of my office. I’m coming to that sh–. I don’t care what I got to do. Cancel my schedule.”

50’s followers seemed to get a kick out of his reaction to the elaborate invitation.

“You are so funny, didn’t realize how fun you are until IG ,” someone wrote on Instagram.

“Lmfaooo get the f–k out my office lmaoooo I’m in tears lmao.”

Perry gave details about the new studio in a July 27 Instagram post and revealed how he transformed the property once he purchased it — although a lot of people told him to leave it alone due to its bad condition.

“When I first saw the land that is my new studio it had been abandoned for years. 10 foot tall grass, snakes, coyotes, etc.,” wrote Perry. “But where others saw dilapidation, I saw hope. I saw promise. Several advisors told me not to do it.” 

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