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‘Lucky Man’: Russell Wilson Literally Claps at Ciara After She Twerks on the ’Gram

Ciara is clearly a fan of Megan Thee Stallion and she made that perfectly clear when she uploaded the newest Instagram video of her busting a move.

The “Set” singer got down — literally — to Meg’s song “Simon Says” and did exactly as instructed as she dipped it low in a bathrobe in her dressing room Monday.

“Simon says put your hands on your hips, Simon says put your hands on your knees, Simon says put your hands on your feet, Simon says bust it open like a freak,” Meg raps on the track.

Then, as the MC rapped “left, right, left, right, left” Ciara twerked in the designated direction, happily getting cheered on by the camera person. As she danced, she playfully slapped the rear ends of the two members of her glam squad who joined her in the twerk session.

“Glam Squad Lit! 🤣 Back at it 💃🏽 Simon Says. @TheeStallion,” Ciara captioned the fun clip.

The first comment on her video came from husband Russell Wilson who eagerly applauded the star using emoji.

“👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾🔥❤️” the Seattle Seahawks quarterback commented, making it clear that he liked what he saw.

The response led to replies from fans who also heaped on the praise not just for Ciara but how fortunate Wilson is to have nabbed her.

“@dangerusswilson you’re one lucky man”

“@dangerusswilson Your wife lights up a room with fun and laughter.😍😊”

“Russ Issa real one even when CiCi twerk he be like ‘shake dat a**’ 😂🤣”

“@dangerusswilson I knew you were in these comments. 😂 Her knees win🏆 . Love y’all. ❤️”

“@dangerusswilson lucky man.”

Others drummed up the usual chatter that baby No. 3 may be on the way. The couple currently share 2-year-old daughter Princess Sienna and 5-year-old Future Zahir, who is Wilson’s stepson.

“@dangerusswilson That’s how Sienna got here”

“@dangerusswilson patiently waiting on baby #3 ♥️”

“@dangerusswilson you gotta get her pregnant again after this”

Similar remarks flooded Ciara’s comments after she posted another video twerking to Megan Thee Stallion.

In June, Ciara and Russell were getting chauffeured in an SUV when the singer couldn’t help but start moving as the Houston-born rapper’s song “Pimpin” played through the speakers.

Wilson couldn’t help himself as he grabbed his wife’s bouncing derrière.

Hey, stop!” Ciara told her hubby with a laugh.

The star clearly didn’t mind and fans grew eager as they took it as a sign that Wilson wanted to expand the brood.

“That’s how y’all gonna end up with another baby 🤣🤣🤣” one remarked.

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