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‘Hot Nana Summer’: Joseline Hernandez’s Mom Steals the Shine in Photo With Baby Bonnie

After sharing a recent photo of her mother, it’s pretty clear where Joseline Hernandez‘s hot looks come from.

Fans got a glimpse of the “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” alumna’s strained relationship with her mother Carmen Hernandez years ago while on reality television, but it seems they’re in a much better place now. Her mother also appears to be a part of her and her 2-year-old daughter Bonnie Bella’s everyday life.

Joseline took to Instagram Wednesday evening and posted a photo of her mother Carmen taking baby Bonnie to school. The toddler was dressed in casual wear with a bookbag in her hand and huge smile on her face, seemingly ready for class. Carmen was dressed in a yellow form-fitting hoodie dress, red flip flops and a brown Louis Vuitton bag.

Joseline Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez and her grand-daughter Bonnie Bella @joseline/Instagram.

“When her grandma takes her to school she’s so happy 😜,” Joseline wrote via Instagram. “Cuando la abuela la lleva a la escuela. Se para el Mundo 🤷🏽‍♀️.”

Although fans gushed over how adorable baby Bonnie looked, majority of folks gawked at Joseline’s mother.

“Grandma looks good 😍 now I see why you fine. Okay girl!”

“Wait…. abuela is snatchedddd! 🙏🏾 Nice pics your mom wearing that hand bag 💼 and yellow dress lovely.”

“Well damn 😲 I guess it’s a hot nana summer! We see the girls peeking through grandma.”

“Damn! Your mom looks amazing, Joseline! ♥️God bless her n ur lil princess.”

During an emotional “LHHATL” episode in 2012, Joseline who had a strained relationship with Carmen at the time, confronted her mother on her rough childhood. She said her mother was the reason she became a prostitute and stripper at the age of 16 years old.

“She really wasn’t no mother to me,” the mother of one said at the time. “She really was just in her own little world.”

She continued, “And I know she did drugs before and it’s OK, ’cause I’ve done drugs before too, cause I didn’t know any better. But that pushed me to stripping at 16 years old and doing everything at a young age.”

Carmen admitted she drank, was on drugs and ran the streets during Joseline and her siblings’ childhood, but she felt her daughter shouldn’t have placed all the blame on her for her rough upbringing. Their different viewpoints caused friction in their relationship.

Joseline Hernandez
Joseline Hernandez and her daughter Bonnie Bella. (Photo: @joseline/Instagram)

Fast-forward to the present day, and it seems both Joseline and her mother Carmen have placed their differences aside and Carmen is apparently instrumental in her granddaughter’s life.

As for the self-proclaimed “Puerto Rican Princess” and her own journey with motherhood, she told the Huffington Post in 2017 that she’s focused on being the best mother she can be to 2-year-old Bonnie Bella.

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