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‘We’ll Always Be Family’: Wendy Williams Breaks Down While Discussing Split From Kevin Hunter, Says She’ll Never Take Him Back

Wendy Williams got pretty emotional when she was talking about her split with estranged husband Kevin Hunter.

Williams filed for divorce from Hunter in April of this year after it was said he fathered a child with a woman named Sharina Hudson. Hunter also shares a son with Williams, Kevin Hunter Jr., who’s 18.

On Tuesday, the former radio host stopped by SiriusXM’s “Karen Hunter Show” and was asked if she’d change her last name because of the split.

“My name is Wendy Hunter, and that’s my son’s name and you can’t take away twenty” … And then she stopped herself and began to shed tears.

Karen Hunter — who has no relation to the talk show host or her ex — then asked Williams about the person she is today, now that she’s on her way to being single.

“I’m happy, I’m healthy despite my ankles,” she answered, mentioning the swelling she deals with from having lymphedema. “I am at peace with the world and with everyone around me. The cops aren’t protecting me, so I learned how to run. … I am going through a situation in my family.”

At that point, she began to cry once more, and that’s when Karen Hunter asked Williams if she’d ever reconcile with her ex.

“No. Don’t ask,” she replied, stopping the radio host. “I know what you’re saying. But my family’s good, and we’ll always be family.”

Just before the split, Williams revealed that she was living in a sober facility for addiction after suffering a relapse, which she might put in a movie about her life that’s coming out.

The project will be on Lifetime and produced by Williams, along with Will Packer, the producer of “Night School” and “Girls Trip.” And the script will be written by Leigh Davenport, who wrote “Boomerang” TV show.

The project, which will be out next year, will be about Williams’ “scrappy upstart days in urban radio to the success of her own syndicated talk show,” according to a press release.

For now, Williams can be seen talking to Karen Hunter below.

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