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‘Take That L’: Erica Mena’s Clapback at Safaree’s Ex Gabrielle Fails After ‘Two Leftovers’ Diss Goes Viral

Just when people thought the drama was over between “Love and Hip Hop” stars Erica Mena and Gabrielle Davis, their squabble flared up anew.

Just weeks ago, Mena and Davis exchanged a few words online after the Jamaican model accused Safaree Samuels of creeping with her behind Mena’s back. The cheating allegations, of course, caused a social media beef between the two “LHH” actresses and were slapped down by the “Hunnid” rapper, who denied any sort of infidelity.

Erica Mena
(Left) Safaree Samuels and Erica Mena, (right) Gabrielle Davis. (Photos: @safaree/Instagram, @iamgabrielle_davis/Instagram)

Mena’s beef was reignited with Davis this week after fans caught wind of the 31-year-old mother’s seemingly shady tweets towards her fiancé’s ex-girlfriend. She tweeted Monday, “You notice it’s always the super bitter butt hurt females most of the time that claim they don’t wanna get married.”

Erica Mean

After receiving a mass of backlash from fans who blasted her seeming insinuations, she doubled down and wrote, “I actually tweeted this off having conversations with females who claim this. You clearly see how hurt and bitter they are. It’s an instant observation I got and I know it’s a common one. Sad because deep down you know they don’t really mean it.” 

Davis apparently caught wind of Mena’s alleged shade and hit back on Twitter, “Bitter bothered b–ches always quick to point a finger 😂 like I’m over here minding my business. …. I’m not willing to marry someone who is willing to marry anyone… watching two leftovers trying to make a whole meal 🍿.” Her “two leftovers” remarks went viral and instant started trending on social media.

Gabrielle Davis

Mena tried to clap back in defense of herself and Samuels, writing, “It’s probably best you be more concern on getting your green card back after getting caught smuggling than you are about me or what I tweet. … Being homeless and alone in Jamaica has to suck. I’m sure your brain damaged doesn’t help either.”

Erica Mena

Her clapback was instantly clowned by social users.

“Erica calling her an immigrant & typing like one. Make it make sense 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️.. Erica sis take that L you a leftover.”

“So they’re really arguing over a Cornball 😂😂😂 y’all females terrible nowadays. Can we all just get along.”

“She couldn’t clap back after that #TwoLeftOvers comment 😭 Gabrille got that ass!”

Despite Davis’ jabs at Mena and Samuels, the couple appear to be going strong and are still in the midst of planning their upcoming wedding. They got engaged on Christmas Eve after publicly announcing their relationship in November.

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