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Report: Lender Slaps Paul Pierce With Lien on His Home, Marijuana Business

At one point, it seemed like Paul Pierce‘s entry into the legal cannabis business went off without a hitch, but now a lien placed on his business and home have changed that.

According to a report, the retired hoopster failed to pay a loan for $162,273.59, and the lender took legal action to be reimbursed.

Pierce launched his cannabis line “The Truth CBD Remedies” last month, which is located in the area of San Bernardino, California, while his home is in Los Angeles.

The 41-year-old hasn’t addressed either of the liens on Instagram or Twitter, but the lender’s attorney Ronald Richards blasted him and used a basketball metaphor to do it.

The attorney also said the loan was for business purposes and feels Pierce was totally irresponsible by not paying.

“Mr. Pierce aka The Truth has committed his 5th personal on this one by blatantly ignoring a court judgment, which has now resulted in all of his assets being subject to a judgment lien, his credit impaired, and interest is accumulating at 10% a year,” said Richards, according to The Blast.

“Mr. Pierce preaches honesty and the ‘Truth,'” he continued, using Pierce’s nickname. “But yet he must believe his former celebrity status entitles him to harm lenders who trusted him in his riskier business practices when other lenders would not. My client and I are disappointed that this Inglewood native would be so careless with his obligations.”

Some might be wondering why Pierce accepted a loan in the first place, because he played 19 years in the NBA and made more than $195 million in salary during his time in the league.

Some websites have his net worth at $70 million, and others have it at less. And even in his final two years of play he made more than $3 million a year with the Los Angeles Clippers.

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