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‘You Don’t Care What They Look Like’: Tamar Braxton’s ‘Lost Files’ Go Left When Fans Slam Boyfriend’s Looks

Tamar Braxton just wanted to share some love for her man publicly, but trolls quickly invaded her comments section with negativity.

The singer posted a photo of her sitting up in bed with her hand on the chest of her financial services firm CEO boyfriend David Adefeso. The July 15 Instagram upload was actually snapped more than a week ago when the couple visited New Orleans for Essence Fest over Fourth of July weekend.

Tamar Braxton
David Adefeso (left) and Tamar Braxton (right). (Photo: @tamarbraxton/Instagram)

“Lost files…. found it tho 🎯,” Braxton captioned the post.

But while Braxton was gushing over her boo, her followers shot off a host of comments that were less than kind about Adefeso’s appearance.

“You don’t care what they look like,” one read.

Such remarks led Braxton to shutter her comments section, but elsewhere on the photo and video sharing platform folks continued to let Adefeso have it.

“Well we can clearly say she doesn’t get with any of her men based upon looks.”

“Aht Aht…you said that man was fine Tamar 🤔”

“I guess black cracked just a lil bit 😅”

“Misplace it again pls. Thx”

“💀 if she like it, I love it.”

Poor reaction to Adefeso has emerged online before. When the singer initially began dating her Nigerian Harvard Business School grad beau last summer, she made it a habit to hide his face from the public eye. She did, however, openly remark about his attractiveness as she shared more info about him on “The Wendy Williams Show” in September 2018.

“Thank you, God, he’s so fine! I can’t take it sometimes. It’s like a whole snack — a Lunchable! He lives in L.A., he’s originally from Nigeria, but he lived here for a while,” she said before noting where he went to university.

But once Braxton went completely public with her man at the “Braxton Family Values” season 6 premiere in April, fans were left baffled by how much the reality TV star talked up her man’s looks.

“He’s not as cute as you pumped him up to be 🤷🏼‍♀️”

“Girl! He not fine. Stop saying that. Let other people say it, if it’s true. Don’t @ me I am a tamartian.”

“Well u did think Vince was fine so I guess u did good 🤗”

Regardless, Braxton has not wavered in gushing over her boyfriend’s attractiveness. Commenting on his Instagram photos, she’ll frequently remark on Adefeso’s looks with adoring statements and love-related emoji.

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