‘The Teacher Is Back’: Diddy Announces ‘Making the Band’ Is Returning to TV

It’s official. The series “Making the Band” is coming back to MTV. Sean “Diddy” Combs made the announcement on Monday via Instagram, a week after he said the network reached out to him to rekindle the show.

The original “Making the Band” showed Combs auditioning people to create a group that he later signs to his label Bad Boy. He then prepares them for potential stardom by training and molding them.

“I want to thank Wale, I want to thank Seth Rogen for putting this on my radar,” said Combs about bringing the the series back. “Sometimes you live in your own bubble, and you may not really know the importance of something you created. And with ‘Making the Band’ and MTV, we created something special, we empowered young talent all over the world.”

Combs then touched on something that he mentioned in the first Instagram post about bringing the show back: That finding new talent is his favorite thing to do, which is why “Making the Band” is returning.

“I was thinking over the last week, when I was riding horses and I was hiking, I was like ‘What is [it] that I really love to do, man? What would really inspire me right now?’ and it’s bringing ‘Making the Band’ back,” he said in Monday’s video. “I know I’m going to build the biggest band in the world.”

It looks like the show will be called “Making the Band 2020” when it returns. Combs also said that auditions will be open to anyone in the world because it’s not just America’s music, but it’s about “Everybody’s voice.”

Combs then instructed those interested in the show to upload their auditions to #MTBCasting, and he told everyone the “teacher is back.”

“I’ve been posting clips of the original since last month asking for it. FINALLY!!” wrote one excited fan.

And at the same time, others said they’d love to see the groups that Combs discovered in the original series, like Day 26, Da Band and Danity Kane, who’s member Aubrey O’Day told Combs that she wanted to return.

The Bad Boy founder fired O’Day from the group in the third season.

“You gotta bring some of the old crews back to help judge or something,” one person wrote.

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