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Huh? Joseline Hernandez’s Promo Video Goes Left When Fans Poke Fun at Her Diction

Joseline Hernandez was promoting a big Miami shindig on social media, but it seemed that people had more to say about her accent in one of the videos she posted.

The event, which was hosted by Hernandez, was being marketed as “Miami’s premier AfroCaribbean Pool Party,” and it took place on Sunday, July 14. And before it began, the former “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star went on Instagram to give people a last-minute reminder, which started the teasing.

Joseline Hernandez was teased mercilessly because of her accent after she posted a recent promotional video. (Photo: Prince Williams / Wireimage via Getty Images)

“What up, ladies?” said Hernandez on Sunday. “Get your last-minute tickets. Puerto Rican Princess. Come party with me at the all-white party today, pool-party, mansion, you know what I’m saying?”

People had all kinds of things to say about the reality star afterward, and many seemed to hone in on the way she pronounced the word “mansion.” They made fun of other words she said too.

“‘manshen’ yes ma’am 😻😻😻,” one person wrote.

“Old white party”😂😂😂,” wrote another.

“No one ever knows what the hell your saying,” a third person stated.

And besides people mocking her accent, a lot of folks believed the 32-year-old looked sad. Some also said that Hernandez promoting a party on social media was a sign that she may not be doing well financially since she’s no longer on “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta.”

But next to the many insults, she also received a lot of compliments on her appearance, even while there were still people who seemingly focused on how she delivered the promotional message.

“I couldn’t understand you say it again,” someone wrote.

There were also some people who defended Hernandez and told others to back off.

“I understand everything she said just fine!” someone wrote.

Hernandez hasn’t responded to any of the teasing yet.

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