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Master P Shares His Views on the Success of ‘Black Panther’: ‘We Didn’t Benefit Off That’

Master P has seemingly never been afraid to state his opinion or go against the grain.

Like when he took issue with the parents of the girls that R. Kelly was accused of sexually abusing. Or when BET did a tribute to Prodigy of Mobb Deep when he died in 2017. Master P felt the network should’ve shown the late rapper more love when he was alive and called them fake.

Now, the No Limit founder has expressed his views on the film “Black Panther” and said black folks didn’t really get anything out of it in terms of finances. He also mentioned his own film “I Got the Hook Up 2.”

“When we do a project like ‘Black Panther,’ we didn’t benefit off that,” he told “The Breakfast Club” earlier this week. “Like Black people was in the movie and we were happy and excited, but it wasn’t us.”

The actual comic book character of Black Panther was created by the writer Stan Lee, who passed away last year, and Ryan Coogler directed the film and co-wrote it with Joe Robert Cole.  

And besides the “Black Panther” film being a cultural phenomenon, it broke all kinds of records to boot.

According to Forbes, the film was the most successful movie based on a comic book superhero ever. It’s also the highest-grossing movie from a black director, and the second-fastest grossing movie in North American box office history.

But Master P said Black folks should’ve still gotten more out of it.

“We did this for the budget. … We did it for millions of dollars, but imagine if we had hundreds of millions of dollars to make a project? How would it look?” he asked.

“This is the growth. This is why this is important because we’re coming back into the community, putting money back into the community. But it’s a process. We got to grow with this. Just like I did with music,” added P.

You can see his full interview below.

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