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‘What Twins?’: Erica Dixon’s Post-Baby Body Sends Fans Into a Frenzy

The snapback is real. “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” reality star Erica Dixon is back on the ’Gram showing off her goods after delivering twins. The 34-year-old took to Instagram on July 5, to show off her beach body in a purple one-piece bathing suit by the pool. The swimsuit was cut on the sides, and Dixon can be seen rocking black shades and a high, wavy black ponytail. “The bounce back,” Dixon wrote for her caption.
Erica Dixon @msericadixon/Instagram

Fans of the reality star went into a frenzy in her comments complimenting Dixon on her post-pregnancy body. 

“I can’t bounce back from Sunday brunch and u out here slaying after twins🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️,” one fan joked. 

“Ooooooooooh wee! You looking, good girl!!!!! After twins too??? I have no excuse!!!” another fan said. 

“That’s how twins get you! I loved my snap back after I had my twins!!!” 

“You go girl you look great to just had twins you’re a great mother to all 3 of your girl’s congratulations Erica.” 

“Dame 🙌🏽💜even after having twins bounce right back.” 

“Wooooow call it a COMEBACK!!!” 

“Gone sis and u just had two babies in there!!!!” 

“What twins sus? 😍” 

Dixon welcomed her identical twin daughters in early June, naming them Embrii and Eryss. Her twin daughters have the same first initial as her eldest daughter Emani Richardson by rapper Lil Scrappy, who also appears on “LHHATL.”

Dixon’s new girls had unspecified medical complications that forced her to leave the twins at the hospital days after her delivery.  In a June 8 Instagram post, Dixon posted a picture of her newborn blessings, letting fans know then that that would probably will be the only picture they will see of the girls, seeing that she’s been busy with her new mommy duties. 

“Here are my tiny tots fresh out the womb,” she noted. “I’ve been so busy with them and juggling everyday life that I realized I haven’t taken any new pics of them. Mamas babies #Embrii 💜 Eryss.”
Erica Dixon’s twin daughters Embrii and Eryss. @msericadixon/Instagram

She announced her pregnancy in February via her YouTube channel. The father of her children has yet to be revealed, although folks speculated it was “Power” actor Rotimi Akinosho, a rumor she and Akinosho both shot down.

Whoever the father may be, Dixon seems to be in a great place in her life and fans congratulated the snapback queen on the arrival of her daughters. 

“They are drop dead gorgeous!! 🥰😳😍😍❤️ God bless! So happy for you. Recover well!”

“They’re so beautiful 😍! Congratulations to you and welcome to the twins club. They are adorable.”

“Such beautiful little babies ❤️ watch out world! Congratulations God bless!”

“So adorable 😍😍 Hope Eryss is now home and well ❤️.”

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