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‘I Hope They Don’t Go Into Your Closet’: Nene Leakes Sets Up for ‘Naughty’ Guests, Spurs Some Fan Speculation

Nene Leakes recently shared she was in a location of her home she’s not usually found in — the kitchen. As for the significance of her entering the area, the star of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” said she was gearing up for a particular set of visitors that left fans guessing.

“I don’t get in the kitchen often but today i prepared for some naughty guest #casaleakes #lifeofnene,” Leakes wrote in the caption of a photo posing in front of her countertops and cabinets Tuesday evening.

There has yet to be any confirmation as to who the guests were, but Leakes’ followers have fired off questions about the possible identities of the “nasty” company.

“Who were the naughty guests 👀👀👀”

“Oh I wonder who 🤔🤔”

“Who coming over there sus?? 😂”

Others promptly referenced #Closetgate, which saw Leakes race after Porsha Williams and Kandi Burruss after the two came upstairs and went into her closet without the O.G. star’s permission last season.

“Keep Them Away from Your #Closet Fave 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 #HBIC.”

“I hope they don’t go in your closet 😭”

“I hope no one go upstairs 😂😍 or walk in your closet!!! My girl NeNe don’t Play !!! 😂😘💘”

“As long as they stay OUT of your closet. Right Nene? 😉”

In the time since that filming for “RHOA” season 11 wrapped, Leakes has cut all but two cast members — bestie Marlo Hampton and Shamari DeVoe — from that season out from her Instagram timeline.

“After 11 seasons I finally realize that these girls are my co-workers,” Leakes explained on an Instagram Live stream in March. “They all were trying to secure the bag because half of them are boring so they had no other choice but to come for me — they tried to come [for me], how ’bout that. … It’s so ridiculous for me to for them to [act] like, ‘Let’s all link up together and act like we’re nice’ and stuff when they really aren’t.”

Months later, however, Leakes shared on “Majic Radio Show” that she is not holding anything against anyone on the show. Still, she admitted she’s “not cool with a lot of folks”

“I don’t hold a grudge,” she said. “I don’t like everything that happened last season, but I’m not a girl who hold on to stuff. I can be upset for two or three weeks, but after that, I’m a Sagittarius, I just kinda let it go.”

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