‘I Don’t Hold a Grudge’: Nene Leakes Dishes on Relationships With ‘RHOA’ Cast, Tackles Rumors About Show

Nene Leakes says she isn’t keeping tabs on those she felt wronged her during season 11 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” The longtime star of the show explained as much on “Majic Radio Show” Monday and also addressed rumors surrounding her status on the Bravo series.

One of the first topics broached was that Leakes was supposedly suspended from the first half of season 12 because of Closetgate, an incident where she pulled the shirt of a cameraman in an effort to prevent him from going inside her closet. Allegedly, Leakes also busted the tooth of a cameraman in the process. The moment also led to tension between Leakes and Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams, the latter of whom claimed she was assaulted.

“I have never been suspended,” Leakes says, denying she was punished for her actions. “And I am on season 12. Thank you very much. So stop reading the blogs.”

Leakes was also asked about rumors she’s landed her own spinoff series separate from “RHOA.”

“No, that’s not true,” she says. “If I’ve gotten a spinoff, they haven’t told me yet, and I need them to tell me.”

“I haven’t filmed a thing,” she added. “I read that, too. If I had a spinoff, I’d be happily telling you.”

Leakes also addressed rumors that she landed a massive pay increase of $2.8 million for her return to the series. She denied that, too.

“I get a nice check, but it was hilarious because, I was just like, ‘We haven’t even got a contract yet.”

But perhaps the most-chatted-about moment in the interview came when the star went on the record to discuss where her relationships stand with her cast mates, whom she famously unfollowed on Instagram after the tension-filled reunion.

“I don’t hold a grudge,” Leakes says, after stating she’s “not cool with a lot of folks” but acknowledging she’s on good terms with bestie Marlo Hampton. “I don’t like everything that happened last season, but I’m not a girl who hold on to stuff. I can be upset for two or three weeks, but after that, I’m a Sagittarius, I just kinda let it go.

“Now, I ain’t got to really like you or nothing like that, but it’s too much for me to hold on to it,” she adds.

Meanwhile, fans were not exactly buying that Leakes isn’t spiteful.

“Oh she a liar LIAR. She and Sag’s hold on to grudges foreva.”

“Dont believe a god damn thing she says anyways! Bring back queen kenya!!”

“You don’t hold a grudge?!🤔🤔🤔… Rolls eyes🙄”

This is the first time that Leakes has gone on record to address such rumors concerning her behavior and status on the show. In May, a reporter tried to get the scoop on what was up with Leakes and her “co-workers,” as she’s deemed them. However, his efforts were swiftly shut down by the star’s representative.

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