‘You Look Like a Disney Princess’: Malaysia Pargo Fans Taken By Her Beauty

A new photo “Basketball Wives” star Malaysia Pargo uploaded to her Instagram page has fans stunned by her pretty appearance.

Pargo posted a selfie looking past the camera in long lashes, a warm-colored eye shadow and sultry blue eyeliner around the bottom of her lower lash line. Pink lipstick helped keep the focus firmly on theTV star’s eyes as she ran her manicured nails through her thick, black tresses.

Malaysia Pargo
Malaysia Pargo. (Photo: @malaysiainthecity/Instagram)

“I always wonder 🤔what cross your mind When your eyes meet mine,” Pargo captioned the July 6 post.

Fans could not help but remark about how gorgeous the star looked in the pic.

“U beautiful! 1st thought win I seent chu 👀👏😁”

“Now you look like a Disney Princess ❤️”


“Them eyes of yours hold alot inside, even THROUGH a beautiful smile and BEAUTIFUL i see your past, your present and FUTURE…….they’re truly deep….full….put me in WONDER…wanting to know more…lol never met you but I enjoy you from your faith and motivation, and as a strong mother, and that 🔥🔥🔥you have in you if some one does you or who you love wrong……#ClassyHoodElligance.”

“Flawless AF 😍🔥🔥🔥”

Pargo’s makeup is a hit here, but her overall style has not always been applauded.

Back in May, the star wore the same $4,000 Balenciaga boots that Michelle Obama earned lots of praise for months before. However, the way fans responded to the sparkly over-the-knee boots that Obama wore did not garner the same positivity for Pargo. They questioned what made Pargo pair the footwear with a black off-the-shoulder mini dress and a multi-colored cardigan.

The reality TV star quickly got virtually pummeled by Instagram users in comments.

“Malaysia use to dress so nice .. don’t know what happen to her lol.”

“Chelle alll day, I don’t know what Bonquika I mean Malaysia doing in this one.”

“No… michelle styled them better. Malasia’s look like Rainbow #poorlystyled #justcuztheydesigner #dontmeanuknowwat2dowitdem.”

“I like Malaysia but I feel like she never gets it right for me in the fashion department. Her looks are never cohesive.”

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