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‘That’s Your Mama’s Twin’: Fans Believe Porsha Williams’ Daughter PJ Looks More Like the ‘RHOA’ Star’s Mother in New Video

Real Housewives of Atlanta” reality star Porsha Williams’ daughter Pilar Jhena McKinley has been gaining the majority of the spotlight since her arrival to the world March 22, 2019. No problem for Williams, who continues to share her daughter with fans via Instagram. The 4-month-old even has her Instagram Page @PilarJhena that documents her life. Williams took to Instagram July 4 to show the world more of Baby PJ.

The 38-year-old posted a video of her daughter being held by what appears to be her father, Dennis McKinley. The infant can be seen sporting a Bella Bodysuit and matching headband from Littlemissbrazilcollection. “Happy 4th yall! @pilarjhena #unbothered 💋💙 fit: @littlemissbrazilcollection,” Williams wrote for her caption. The new mommy can be heard calling her daughter’s nickname “PJ” in the video while making kissing noises.

Pilar Jhena and Dennis McKinley (Video:@Porsha4rReal Instagram Page)

Fans suggested that she looks like Williams’ mom, Diane T. Williams, in the video.

“She looks like your mom here!”

“That’s your mama’s twin.” 

“She looks like a mix between Ms. Diane and Dennis.”

“So pretty. She looks like ya, mom.”

Fans also admired Baby PJ’s looks.

“Oh, my goodness! She is so stinking beautiful!” one fan wrote.

“She is so beautiful ❤️ @porsha4real,” another fan wrote.

“Omg, 😮 she’s gorgeous ♥️♥️♥️.”

“OMG! Those cheeks and baby chicken thighs. She is so stinking CUTE! Such a little doll. 😍”

While it’s rumored that Williams is no longer with Baby PJ’s father McKinley, the two seem to continue to get along for the sake of their baby girl. Williams also recently took her daughter to a lunch date on Wednesday afternoon and posted a photo of herself while her daughter was sleeping on her official Instagram page @PilarJhena.  “Lunch with Mommy,” Williams wrote for her daughter’s caption.

Porsha Williams and Pilar Jhena McKinley (Photo: @PilarJhena/Instagram)

Williams’ mother Diane snapped the photo. So far, Williams’ daughter now has 190,000 followers on Instagram as people continue to watch her grow.
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