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Megan thee Stallion Expertly Handles White Radio Host Who Had the Gall to Ask if She Was Wearing a ‘Wig or Weave’

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion has been making the rounds as of late promoting and performing the music from her new mixtape “Fever.” Across the pond in the United Kingdom, the Houston, Texas, rapper stopped by Capital XTRA radio show where the conversation turned from music to her appearance.

Namely, Meg was asked by radio host Tim Westwood about her hair and he assumed it wasn’t hers.

“Wig or weave?” the host asks straight on.

“Um…not your business,” Megan says.

“Oh, for real? Are you serious?” Westwood says appearing surprised.

“Do not ask ladies what they got going on,” Meg says.

After Westwood said he usually asks since he’s the one paying for the hairstyle, the two briefly discuss the host’s near-sugar daddy status. But Meg remained firm that whether or not something on someone is real doesn’t concern him.

“You just worry about the funds. … You just worry about the funding part. You don’t got to worry about how it got done,” she said before Westwood said he was sorry he asked.

“You know next time,” she said.

“With you I do. Goddamn, I apologize!” he said before moving on to asking about the performer’s eyelashes.

The moment Westwood asked about Meg’s hair, however, got many talking on Twitter.

“Some men are really and truly so dumb and awkward in the presence of a Black queen.”

“PSA: It’s extremely rude to ask a woman if her hair is a wig or weave’
Since you clearly never got the memo…”

“Fr like would he ask Lady Gaga that question 🤔”

“@TimWestwood you never asked any caucasian woman that you interviewed if she was wearing a wig or a weave (and MANY WHITE woman wear wigs/weaves), what made you think that was ok to ask @theestallion? #OldManTriedIt #MegCheckedHimRealQuick💅”

One user who shared the clip in question remarked, “she shut him down real quick 😭.”

That same user also said Westwood, who called Megan “girlfriend” throughout the chat, has a habit of “doing weirdo s–t like this in every interview i see him do with black women and it’s awkward af.”

On the other hand, Meg herself didn’t seem to be fired up about the exchange. The pair continued to chat about the next steps for her career and posed for pics, too.
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