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National Kissing Day: Top 6 Most Memorable On-screen Kisses

The unofficial holiday of National Kissing Day is on Saturday, July 6, and whether or not there’s a bae out there for you to smooch, you can celebrate by looking to the big screen. There are many memorable kisses that have been shared on film. Below are six of the most iconic cinema kisses.


Angela snoozing on Marcus’ chest leads to the pair doing what Eddie Murphy’s character says they “ain’t supposed to be” doing — kiss — and then a lot more.

“Love Jones”

The steamy kisses photographer Nina and poet Darius share before Nina tries (and fails) to turn him away from coming upstairs is one for the books.

“Love and Basketball”

Childhood friends Quincy and Monica grew up bonding over their love of basketball, but a competitive game of one-on-one that led to passionate smooches became a memorable scene.

“Poetic Justice”

The kiss Justice and Lucky share on the beach before Justice gets up to stand along the shore, only to share another kiss with Lucky, is chill-inducing.

“Coming to America”

Prince Akeem and Lisa’s date may have been shrouded in him hilariously lying about his origins, but it included a romantic kiss soundtracked to Jackie Wilson’s “To Be Loved.”

“Independence Day”

national kissing day
(Photo courtesy 20th Century Fox)

The steamy kiss Capt. Steven Hiller shared with girlfriend Jasmine was so hot that actress Vivica A. Fox couldn’t help but share it when she wished former co-star Will Smith a happy 50th birthday last year.

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