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‘SMH’: Kelly Rowland Gets Blasted For Supporting Chris Brown After He’s Accused of Colorism

Kelly Rowland sent a nice message to Chris Brown, and she received a lot of backlash for it.

Because Brown has been under heavy criticism since his new song “Need a Stack” dropped last week, featuring Lil Wayne and Joyner Lucas. In the cut, he mentioned a line about Black women and hair that rubbed many the wrong way.

“I’ll leave a paper trail, then I’ma need a tip drill / Shakin’ it, turn the lights down / Bust it for the light bill / Diggin’ it, then I’m lickin’ all on that p—-y, put it right there / Only wanna f–k the black b—-hes with the nice hair,” he said.

After the song made the Internet rounds, Brown was accused of colorism and not liking black women.

“F–k Chris brown he’s a big ass coon for calling black women b—hes and saying he only likes the ones with good hair,” someone wrote.

The singer first responded on Instagram by writing “I don’t give a f–k bout y’all negative bootyface ass b—-hes. I’m start giving away free lace-fronts for all you weird females wit the skid row edges and low self esteem.”

“Y’all trippin,” he also wrote. “Y’all b—-hes don’t wanna f–k da n—-a with f—ed up teeth do you??? Only b—-hes upset is the uglies (not the black queens).”

Then on Thursday, the R&B crooner posted another message to thank his fans for supporting his new album “Indigo,” which houses the “Need a Stack” song. And that’s where Rowland showed him support.

“We love you Chris,” she wrote.

“NO. YOU LOVE HIM SMH. What he said is not ok and you don’t speak for the entire female dark skinned community,” one Twitter user wrote to Rowland.

“I love #KellyRowland but sis, you as a darkskin woman have stated on multiple instances about how colorism affected you and your career. Yet put on your cape for Chris Brown,” another person chimed in.

“@kellyrowland he don’t want darkies around him,” someone else wrote. “If you wasn’t a celebrity he would feel the same way about you too.”

Brown responded to the backlash again on Friday and said it would be the last time he’d be addressing it.

“Don’t let people twist your meanings when it’s meant to show love,” he wrote. “And a n—a aint finna jump through hoops to satisfy anyones ego or movement!! I been a n—a all my life!!! Stop playing like I’m out here Uncle Tomming and discrediting beauty.”

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