‘U Got It Girl!’: Alexis Skyy Leaves Fans Green With Envy in Form-Fitting Jumper

Love and Hip Hop: New York” star Alexis Skyy is heating up the summer with her sexy appearance and looks.

The 24-year-old reality star has been posting alluring images of herself on the ‘Gram for months, causing fans to thirst for more. She took to her social media feed Monday afternoon draped in wear that showed off her shapely figure.

Skyy sported a neon-green Shane Justin short-romper retailing around $80. The bold and vivacious getup hugged her curves and showed a great deal of her cleavage with its plunging neckline. The socialite paired her fit with matching colored, couture stiletto heels retailing for $150.

Alexis Skyy
Alexis Skyy. @alexisskyy_/Instagram.

Setting aside her blond tresses, she opted for long black ringlets worn to the right side of her shoulder and went for a full glamorous makeup look including a dramatic lash and brownish-red lip stick.

“You got it Girl,” Skyy wrote in her caption. “Outfit @shanejustin.”

Her post received over 100,000 likes and comments from fans who were enamored with her sex appeal.

“You look beautiful boo body shape nice…figure 8🎶🔥 #baddieondeck.”

“U sure do got it girl! BADD B–CH PERIODT‼️😍❤️ anybody who say otherwise is a straight hater.”

“Got Daaayyyuuumm 😎👌 shawty won’t you come my wayyyyy you’re gorgeous as hell.”

“You really got it girl. The beauty. The shape. The clothes. The hair. The attitude 💛💚😍 you a real bad b–ch.”

Alexis Skyy
Alaiya Grace and Alexis Skyy. @alexiskyy/Instagram

Recently, it seems Skyy has been busy clapping back at folks questioning about her 1-year-old daughter’s whereabouts while she’s traveling for work.

“Y’all weirdos always worried about someone else kids,” she tweeted on Tuesday in a defense/non-defense of her apparent absentee parenting.

The television personality spends time traveling to different states for club appearances as her line of work and claimed during season 8 of “LHHNY,” that she often leaves baby Alaiya Grace in the care of the baby’s great-grandmother.

Well, her reasoning for not always being with her daughter has not sat well with fans who criticized her mothering skills.

“Where’s your daughter sis? You got a whole baby. Can you get attention any other way besides showing yall naked bodies. Go spend time with your kid.”

“She never haves her daughter but always posting pictures.”

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