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‘The Next Move’: Courtney Kemp Teases New Project With Larenz Tate, and People Are Here For It

Even though “Power” is supposed to be ending after its sixth season, it seems that show creator Courtney Kemp is busier now more than ever.

Last year Kemp inked a “one-of-a-kind deal” deal with Lionsgate, and in October the 42-year-old announced that she’ll be creating spinoffs based on the crime series.

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And now it looks like Kemp will be adding another project to her already full schedule, and Larenz Tate, who plays the Councilman Rashad Tate on “Power,” is somehow involved.

On Saturday the successful TV writer shared an Instagram photo of herself and Tate to let everyone know they’re working on something together. But she didn’t say much more.

“In the lab today cookin’ up new shhhhhh with @larenztate,” wrote Kemp. “It’s all about the next move…. #nodaysoff#powertv.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, her post sparked plenty of excitement among “Power” fans, who seem to still be reeling from news about the show ending.

“This is way too exciting💪😎😂♥️🙏🎉!! Continued awesomeness!,” someone wrote in the comments.

“You choose your collaborators well🙏,” another person followed.

“We know who survives this final season of Power Councilman Tate @larenztate,” someone else commented.

Tate also jumped into the comments section and let Kemp know that he fully trusts her artistic vision.

“You lead. I shall follow. ❤️❤️,” he wrote.

In May of last year, it was reported that one of the “Power” spinoffs will follow Tate’s character on the show, so it’s possible that he and Kemp are ironing out the details.

Tate joined “Power” during its fourth season and was brought on as a regular in season 5.

The sixth season of the crime drama begins on August 25, and it’s possible that it’ll continue, since executive producer 50 Cent said he’ll bring it back.

“I Changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6. This sh*t is to good,” he wrote last week.

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