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‘I Changed My Mind’: 50 Cent Says ‘Power’ Will Come Back After Its Sixth Season

When it was announced last month that “Power” would be ending after its next season, people begged for it to continue but it didn’t seem to work. Just last week some of the cast revealed the final scene has been shot, and everyone said their goodbyes.

But it’s possible those pleas from fans were heard, at least by executive producer 50 Cent, because he said the series will continue.

@50cent Instagram

“I Changed my mind POWER is not going to be over after season 6. This sh*t is to good 🤦‍♂️” he wrote Tuesday on Instagram.

Right away, the comment section under 50’s post lit up like the Fourth of July. On one side, there were some who were obviously thrilled at the news, but others were skeptical and questioned whether the rapper was just fooling around.

“Stop playing with my emotions Curtis!!!! I can’t handle this much stress!!!” someone wrote.

“Playing with my POWER Binge is like playing with my emotions,” a second person wrote.

“We need video confirmation that this is true,” a third fan demanded.

There was also someone who said “Power” should continue based on the mere storytelling potential.

“Im surely glad you changed your mind!” that person wrote. “‘Power’ has a lot of potential and can easily survive for many, many, many MORE years/seasons, so on that note KEEP the good content coming please and THANKS!”

But even if 50’s claim isn’t true, “Power” fans can still get a taste of the show, because a prequel is supposed to be on its way. Plus the rapper created a series on the Black Mafia Family, the notorious Detroit crew that was accused of running a nationwide drug operation.

50 also teamed up with “Power” co-star La La Anthony for the Starz series “Intercepted,” which Anthony will star in and he’ll produce under G-Unit Films and Television.

As for now, “Power” co-creator Courtney Kemp hasn’t co-signed Fif’s statement about the show coming back, but the sixth season begins August 25.

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