La La Anthony Reportedly Heartbroken Amid New Carmelo Anthony Cheating Rumors

When Carmelo Anthony was seen in the South of France on a boat with a woman in a bathing suit, it appears his wife La La Anthony reacted to it on Instagram.

The photos of Anthony and the woman went viral on Thursday, and he addressed the situation later that day on video. Basically, the veteran NBA player said the woman on the boat is married and her husband was aboard as well.

Anthony slammed everyone for making a big deal about the photos.

“Y’all exposing somebody’s wife, y’all exposing somebody’s kids, come on. Leave that alone,” he stated. “Now I got to deal with that with my son, I got to deal with that with my wife. All them bloggers that are trying to put that out there, that ain’t cool at all … The only reason I’m addressing this, because it’s affecting my family now.”

At some point, on Instagram Stories, La La Anthony posted and deleted a photo of a heart with a dagger in it, which could be her way of describing how she felt after seeing the photos.

Plus, a source for the New York Post said the “Power” actress was a “wreck” after the pictures surfaced, and a second source for the publication said she’s currently in therapy because of Melo.

“She has trust issues and does not trust him fully,”  stated the insider.

The actress and Anthony split in 2017 amid talk that he fathered a lovechild with a woman named Mia Angel Burks, who seemingly blasted him on Thursday for not being in the child’s life.

Reports of the Anthonys getting back together started to surface in the fall of 2018 after they were seen kissing at a New York City event.

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