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Testimony Stemming from Nipsey Hussle Shooting Emerges, Getaway Driver Has Fears for Her Life

The getaway driver involved in the case that led to the shooting death of Nipsey Hussle in March has expressed grave concerns for her safety.

In documents from the grand jury hearing held last month and obtained by TMZ, the anonymous woman told a Los Angeles Police Department detective multiple times that she is worried about facing danger. The LAPD gumshoe said he looked into her allegations and found several sound threats made against the woman.

nipsey hussle
Rapper Nipsey Hussle attends A Craft Syndicate Music Collaboration Unveiling Event at Opera Atlanta on Dec. 10, 2018, in Atlanta. (Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage)

The detective told the jury the woman’s license plate was all over social media not long after Eric Holder allegedly arrived at Nipsey’s South Los Angeles clothing store and opened fire on him. Additionally, descriptions of what she looked like and her vehicle made it potentially easy for vigilantes to track her down.

As such, the investigator said the department decided it was “very important” to have the woman put under LAPD protection and considered taking her into hiding. Currently, TMZ reports her whereabouts are unknown, and it’s not clear whether or not she took the police up on the offer to be put in protective custody.

The news of the getaway driver’s claims follows other information emerging from the grand jury transcripts. In them, the New York Daily News reported Holder shot Nipsey with two guns after a conversation between the current or former Rolling ’60s gang members. During the chat, which took place outside of Marathon Clothing that fateful day, Nipsey is alleged to have accused Holder of snitching, Deputy District Attorney John McKinney said.

“Mr. Holder got out of the car, immediately walked up to the group where Mr. Hussle, or Mr. Asghedom was, and they had a conversation,” the deputy D.A. said to the grand jury in May. “That conversation is important because that conversation had something to do with Mr. Asghedom accusing Mr. Holder of snitching, which in the gang world is a very serious offense.”

Witness Herman Douglas recalled Hussle allegedly saying, “Man, you know, they got some paperwork on you.” The implication, Douglas explained, was that Holder had a police record that marked him as a snitch.

“Nipsey was more or less trying to, trying to look out for the dude, was trying to help him,” Douglas went on in his testimony. “Like basically warning the dude, like, you know, ‘They got some paperwork on you. I haven’t read the paperwork, but you know, you got to watch your back.’”

McKinney said the getaway driver was a woman Holder was dating; she drove to the scene. In her testimony, she said she got excited when she frst spotted Nipsey and left the car to try to get a picture. When she did, she recalled hearing Holder divert and ask the rapper if he’s snitched before. The woman testified that Nipsey calmly waved off Holder.

Later, the woman said she and Holder drove away but when they did, Holder pulled out a gun and commanded her to head to a particular spot and stand by. She added that Holder got out of the vehicle with no explanation and got back in not long afterward. The action confused her, she testified, but she said if she didn’t drive off, Holder threatened to slap her.

The woman turned herself in to the LAPD two days after the March 31 shooting and was interviewed for five hours, according to the transcript. The documents state she testified under an immunity agreement in which nothing she said could be used against her.

Holder was indicted on May 9 by the grand jury. His charges include two counts each of attempted murder,one count of murder, and assault with a firearm and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon. He pleaded guilty to all charges and his bond is set at $6.5 million.

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