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Ayesha Curry Is Taking Classes at Harvard Business School Online and Learned She Was Being the Wrong Kind of Boss

LL Cool J, Ciara and Tyra Banks are just some of the celebrities who’ve been accepted to Harvard Business School Online, and now Ayesha Curry can be added to that list.

The mom, restaurateur, TV personality and wife to NBA star Steph Curry talked about taking the classes on Tuesday during an interview on Girlboss Radio. Curry also said she’s proud of sticking with the program and talked about what she learned in regard to being an effective work leader.

“But one of the things that I just learned in the class is, like, it’s the way you delegate is very important as a leader and to be inclusive and open and not to create consensus bias in your work space,” she explained.

“It’s something that I’m looking forward [to] implementing into my own business,” added Curry. “Because I know sometimes I get really passionate about an idea and I tend to advocate and I’m learning now that it’s not necessarily good to be an advocator, and so I’m, I’m just really excited to kind of like refocus and not advocate so much that people can give me their opinions.”

Other celebrities who’ve attended Harvard Business School Online include Swizz Beatz, Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum, former NFL player Rashean Mathis, and Houston Rockets guard Chris Paul.

In April Blac Chyna said she was accepted into Harvard Business School Online for a Business Analytics course, but soon afterward Harvard said it wasn’t true.

Later it was learned that Chyna hired the services of a man named Christian Emiliano, who uses the moniker the “Social Media Renaissance Man.”

Reportedly, Emiliano’s company was supposed to complete the course for the reality star and take graduation photos that she can post online. The cost of the service was $3,250.

By the way it looks, Curry is actually taking the course.

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