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‘He’s a Clown’: ‘LHHATL’ Fans Slam Stevie J. for Seemingly ‘Trying to Destroy’ Mimi Faust’s Relationship

It looks “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” viewers are fed up with Stevie J.‘s antics toward his former longtime girlfriend Mimi Faust.

Although the pair split nearly five years ago, drama between them still has not subsided. In this week’s episode, Faust confronted the “Hitman” producer about his beef with her partner, WNBA player Tamera “Ty” Young.

Young and Stevie, the husband of R&B singer Faith Evans, got into a social media spat in late March after she posted a photo of his and Faust’s 9-year-old daughter Eva Giselle Jordan on Instagram with the caption, “#SelfieSunday with boss baby. She looked at my IG today and said heyyyyy mommie has way more pics than me.”

Stevie J.
Stevie J. and Mimi Faust. (Photos: @vh1 screen grabs)

The father of six slid into Young’s direct messages and suggested she and Faust adopt a child, which the WNBA player clearly took offense to. Their back-and-forth ended with the basketball player calling Stevie J. an Instagram daddy.

Fast-forward to this week’s episode, and Faust was adamant about checking her “baby daddy” about his comments toward her partner. She blasted him for his seemingly sarcastic “adoption” remarks while also urging him to stop going “back and forth” with Young on social media.

Stevie claimed he wanted to make things right with Faust and her partner, but not before throwing a jab at their relationship. When Faust reassured him that Young was her “girl,” the music producer insinuated that Young was apparently cheating on Faust. “Are you sure that’s your girl?” Steve asked with a smirk.

Their to-and-fro ended with Stevie grabbing Faust by the arms and telling her to “come here, give me kiss” before she attempted to slap him. She was later escorted out by production security.

“LHHATL” fans slammed Stevie J., scolding his apparent juvenile behavior.

“I’m sick if his ass…. I thought him marrying Faith would change him, he still ignorant 😕.”

“Was you about to kiss her? Aren’t you married Stevie? 🤦🙄 I liked how Mimi slapped him away when Stevie asked, he’s so immature.”

“Wow, he is a true manipulater. Mimi was right to defend her relationship💯the fact he tried to kiss Mimi n he’s disrespectful..he’s a jerk smh.”

“He’s a clown a whole f–king JOKE! I don’t care what nobody say…. He’s trying to destroy Mimi relationship cause he ain’t happy!”

Faust and Stevie J.’s relationship ended after 13 years after he cheated on her with former “LHHATL” star Joseline Hernandez.

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