Rasheeda Frost Explains This Reason for Wearing Other Brands Besides Her Own

Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Rasheeda Frost recently addressed why she’s seen wearing other fashion brands than her own after receiving backlash weeks ago.

Last month, the television personality was getting slammed for apparently wearing designer brands more frequently than her own clothing label. Fans have seemingly taken issue with her wearing Chanel, Fendi, Givenchy and more high-end designer brands, but it seems Frost is now tackling people’s concerns head on.

She took to her Instagram Sunday and posted a video of herself at her Atlanta Pressed clothing boutique in Phipps Plaza, urging customers to shop at her store for its four-year anniversary.

Rasheeda Frost
Rasheeda Frost. @rasheeda/Instagram

She wrote in her caption, “Exactly what I said!!! 😘❤️.”

A fan apparently wasn’t convinced by the “Boss Chick’s” word and commented, “I don’t catch all of your videos but do you wear your Pressed clothing? All of it is so cute but I see you in other brands mostly.”

Frost responded to the person, saying she was adamant about repping her brand, writing, “I’m always wear my brand baby either by itself or I mix & match. But always reppin PRESSED.”

Rasheeda Frost

Another fan clearly didn’t agree with the celeb and wrote, “No she doesn’t wear her own clothes…”

The 37-year-old however confirmed during an interview with Foot Wear News that she believes in high-low mixing with her fashion, meaning she believes in wearing her brand with other high-end designer labels.

“I love being able to show off my Pressed pieces and maybe [at the same time] put on an exclusive runway piece from Gucci,” she told the news outlet. “I wear a lot of the clothes from my store. My shoes and my bags might be a little more high-end, but I also sell shoes in my store [that are not so high-end], and I wear all of those as well. I mix everything — anytime you see me, I’m always wearing something from Pressed. I always give [my fans] something [they can access].”

In more recent news, Frost and her husband Kirk Frost recently celebrated another business venture under their umbrella.

The couple are slated to open a restaurant on Peters Street in Atlanta’s downtown-adjacent Castleberry Hill neighborhood, according to What Now Atlanta. The Frost Restaurant & Bar is apparently set to open any day now. Rasheeda also shared a post of their Bistro June 8, telling fans that the grand opening is coming soon.

“Me & @frost117 had a lil sneak peak of Frost Bistro….#comingsoon can’t wait!!”

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