‘Now That’s Funny’: 50 Cent Says Biz Markie Tried to Pay His Debt With Food Stamps

If you’ve noticed, 50 Cent plays different roles depending on what day it is. Because sometimes he’ll play the part of troll and get at people. Then other times he’ll do a little bullying when someone gets under his skin.

Plus, he’ll also act like a comedian on social media at times, which he did earlier this week in a back-and-forth with veteran rapper Biz Markie.

On June 15, 50 and Markie played Ice T‘s the “Art of Rap Festival” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with other iconic rappers like Slick Rick, Too $hort and EPMD on the bill as well. At one point during the concert, 50 said Markie owed him some money.

For the past few months, the G-Unit honcho has been claiming a lot of celebrities have owed him dough, like actor Jackie Long, “Power’s” Rotimi, Bow Wow and boxer Adrien Broner.

As for Markie, Fif said he already paid him but not in cash like he probably expected.

“I ran into Biz Markie backstage in Minnesota,” 50 wrote Wednesday on Instagram. “I said Biz I always loved ya music and all that but I need that money you owe me. LOL he had food stamps.”

50 also included a photo of Markie handing him the food stamps while he wore a stone cold grimace on his face to show his displeasure. The “Just a Friend” rapper posted a similar photo of handing 50 the food stamps and told everyone that his debt is finally clear.

“I PAID #50cent THE MONEY I OWED HIM,” wrote Biz on June 16.

A lot of people seemed to get a kick out of the two rapper’s exchange, which looked to be just one big gag for entertainment purposes. Plus, some folks were baffled on how Markie got actual food stamps since EBT cards are used these days.

“Now that’s funny as hell.”

“Biz been stockpiling those stamps for a minute!” someone wrote under 50’s post. “Give him credit though, them 💩‘s is still crispy!🤔💯👍🏿🤣🤣🤣”

“Why and where do you get physical food stamps from in 2019😂,” someone else asked.

“Yo at least he paid his debts off,” another person wrote.

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