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‘I Got You’: 50 Cent Says Rotimi Owes Him $300,000, Snoop Dogg Offers to Pay Off His Debt

Snoop Dogg is a fan of the crime drama “Power.” It’s easy to tell based on an offer he made to pay off Rotimi‘s supposed debt to 50 Cent, one of the executive producers on the show.

The “21 Questions” rapper posted a message to Rotimi on Monday and said he owed him $300,000. The Nigerian actor plays the character Andre Coleman on the series, and he always seemed to be friendly with 50.

Rotimi is also a singer, and his new project “Walk With Me” landed on the Billboard R&B charts, which he celebrated in a May 24th Instagram post.

But on Wednesday 50 doused water on that achievement when he wrote “🤨man f–k all that I want my money by Monday. Cash n—a where the bag at 💰.”

Then in another post 50 acknowledged the No. 1 album.

“I want to punch this n—a nose 👊🤨@Rotimi got the #1 RNB album time to pay me on gang,” he wrote.

He then followed that up with a few more posts and said Rotimi paid him but there’s still a remaining balance.

“So I feel like I got to address this,” Rotimi said afterwards. “Listen, bro, I don’t owe 50 money. The thing is, my record number one, I just bought a crib, I’m taking care of my family, so the fact I’m hearing this, why now? Why wait until ‘Walk With Me’ is number one on the R&B charts?”

Snoop, eyeing all of this from a distance, gave his two cents on Wednesday. In fact, he wanted to give more than two cents and offered to pay the entire $300,000 for Rotimi, just because he doesn’t want his “Power” character to die.

“50, I’ma pay you what Rotimi owe you, cuh,” said Snoop in his L.A. drawl. “Because I don’t want him to get killed on ‘Power.’ I think your going to kill him next, ‘cause he owe you money. Don’t kill him. I’ma pay him for you. How much he owe you, cuh? Let’s talk about it. Let’s figure it out. 50, don’t kill him. I’ll pay him for you. Rotimi, I got you, cuh. Nigeria, I have your back.”

50 caught wind of the video at some point, posted it and wrote “Damn ok, 😤n—a got @snoopdogg involved. 🤦‍♂️smh.”

He then posted a separate clip and let Rotimi know that he’s serious about wanting his cash.

But in a complete 180, the former Dr. Dre protégé posted an interview Rotimi had on TMZ and said there’s no beef.

Rotimi explained the $300,000 had to do with 50 letting him out of his music contract with G-Unit records. The actor and R&B crooner also said he paid 50 $100,000 since their disagreement began.

“I have no problem with @Rotimi,” 50 captioned the video. “In fact I wish him and his family the best God bless. POSITIVE VIBES.” 

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